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Thursday, September 20, 2007

boo hoo

No new post today. The PTA newsletter is waiting to be composed......and I have bunco tonight. No room for fun creative surfing on the web. :(

But, do you or have you ever had a halloween party for your children? I am throwing one for Lucas and his friends. I'd love to hear your ideas.


jeanetta said...

yes boohoo. since i moved i havent gotten to play bunco. i was in a group from my church and we played every second fri night. boo hoo.

Rebecca said...

I haven't thrown a Halloween party for my kids but a set of grandparents used to and I remember a few things we liked as kids. 1)dry ice in a large witches pot - she had a big plastic one 2)'haunted house' they created in the garage - think sheets/tarps/decor 3)the goody bags - she'd make the bags and then fill them with candy and little toys 4)fun music playing throughout the party - monster mash, etc

LivingTheLife said...

We did a treasure hunt of sorts one was a neighborhood party...we purchased one of those giant plastic skeletons...took it apart...buried or hid (slightly) each part/bone in various spots and whoever came up with the most to open the treasure chest...which of course was filled with treasures for each of the kids....we had them try and re-assemble the skeleton at the end of the hunt! It was a collabortive effort on each of our we used our backyard and our neighbors yard to do the burying b/c we didn't have a fence between our yard at the it was the largest and best yard to use! With your giant sand box/kitty litter box...well, that would be a great place to start!

Have fun!


Thimbleanna said...

Pin the tail on the Monster.
A pinata.
Hand powdered donuts from strings and have kids race to eat them with their hands tied behind their backs.
The new Martha Stewart Living has an adorable goodie bag that looks like a witch's broom.

Deb said...

You need to check out this blog, is fantastic for Halloween ideas. It is mostly things you can buy but some ideas can be adapted to handmade which is what I will have to do as I am in Uk and can't get to Michael's or get any of Martha's supplies! {wipes a tear} I won't be throwing a party this year but I will be seriously decorating the house, any excuse will do! So looking forward to it, have a great party, the kids will have a ball whatever you do!

Pamela Posch said...

We had one the last few years not sure if we will this year or not!

We made a Kitty litter cake,you can google it or here is one of many many links.

we put a blind fold on one of the parents and fed them the cake. All the parents were in on it but the kids thought it was the coolest thing.
We also did a Fear factor type of thing, had the kids drink tomato juice, eat the kitty litter cake and other gross looking stuff.

We also played mummy wrap, teams of two used toilet paper to wrap one player ran to a marker pulled paper off and wrapped their team mate.

peel grapes for eyes, cooked noodles for brains

That all I can think of right now butif I think of anything else I'll post later.