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Monday, July 16, 2007

Susie Sews!!!

Susie is a craft-o-maniac!
She says she least that's what her site name is, but reading her blog, you soon find out that she bakes, knits, paper arts, AND sews. She is always up to something crafty.
What I find most charming about Susie, is her dedication to her children. She invloves them on a daily basis in the world of CRAFT!
Such a cute bag with a vintage personality. She made it..........yep she did.

She sits down for tea everyday.........being from the UK and all. She sat this darling knitted cupcake out to get a reaction from her son. We Americans should pick up this tea habit, or at least the cookie part. (wait, I think I have that part down) Look how pretty that is. I have a girlfriend who was crazy about going to tea. We even had tea at the Empress. Going to tea with me is like having a bull in a china shop, so when she ended up spitting out one of the sandwiches........I didn't feel so clumsy.

See?.............that is some serious kid art. She should be a children's art teacher.
Below are some party bags she whipped up for her son's "farm" theme birthday party. How cute is that? And she is worried about "working" mom's thinking she is simple? Is she crazy?

Oh, did I mention she does quilting too? ........................I know, I know......when does she sleep? This quilt was made in memory of her cousin. I can see this quilt being in her family for years and years to come. It's beautiful.

Why don't I ever think to do cute things with frosting? By the time I get the cupcakes baked, I'm lucky to just get the frosting smeared across the top...........who am I kidding? I don't even make it to the cupcake stage. I usually just end up making a sheet cake.........from a mix. :)

She loves animals! Cute little animals. She even has real ones that she shares with her readers.

These buttons she made are so dang cute. What a great idea. Love that vintage look.

There you have it, a small glimpse of Susie Sews.


tspwlv said...

Susie is a delight. Her guinea pigs are named Charlie and Lola! Too cute. Great pick today.

Sarah and Jack said...

Well, if you get the icing smeared on top you are ahead of me. I usually put the cupcake in a bowl and get a spoonfull of icing from the container and go from there. LOL

Suzie Sews said...

Blown away by this Kim, I thank you for your super kind words but more importantly for the service you are providing for your fellow blogger, You indeed 'Rock'
Suzie Sews

Alison said...

Suzie is definatley a VERY talented and giving lady:-) Check out what she made for me after an email conversation about her new sewing machine!!!!
Take care,
Alison x

de vliegende koe said...

I’m a big fan of Suzie and her blog too. She is far too modest about all the things she does and makes.

Pam said...

Now I want cupcakes and cake! LOL!

Lucy Locket said...

I love Suzie's work too! But I also want to say what a brilliant idea this is of yours to collect and showcase great blogs for us - thank you!

Wild Rose said...

Wow, what talent! She is one busy lady and her creations are great!


Megan H. said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. This is exactly what I've been looking for! I love reading my favorite 30 or so personal blogs every night, but it's even better to find a place where I can see inspiration from a different crafter/artist every day.

girl meets glamour said...

Just found your blog and love it! this is such a fun post...what cute crocheted cupcake :)


Queen of the froggers. said...

I have just found this great blog via Susies, I just don't have time for all these glorious blogs!!! Thank you for all these reviews, must get reading :)

Butterfly said...

wow, she is truely a crafty person.. Like her style!!
Tea is a great habit ;O)

Thanks for sharing Kim

beki said...

I love Suzie's blog. That girl is a crafting fool! I am always amazed at all the projects she has going on, a true inspiration!

daisy cottage said...

What a talent! Her creations are delightful! And Kim, you are doing a WONDERFUL job with this blog - you are spoiling us!

Anne Bradshaw said...

Very interesting blog about Susie. What talent! Have to admit though, being a Brit myself, I never have tea-time in the afternoon. For one thing, I don't drink tea. And for another, we've always had dinner at tea-time, and lunch at midday. My mother couldn't manage without her cuppa. She had one first thing in the morning, and at intervals throughout the day for as long as I can remember.

Splaneyo said...

Looking forward to taking a closer look.


Ele at A Bit of Pink Heaven said...

Those buttons are adorable. I will have to check it out!