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Monday, July 30, 2007


Vanessa............Grover...........whatever she goes as, she rocks with her layouts!
I actually completed a layout his last week. It's nothing like Grover's, but her's are so inspirational, they get me going in the right direction. I'm ready to complete another. Or was it the british soccer coaches today at my son's camp that were so inspirational. :) Those accents........Love them............Back to Grover. Must keep my mind on scrappin, must keep my mind on scrappin, must keep my mind on scrappin I think this one above is one of my favorites. I love a white background, and then all those colors! Perfect. The the one below? I'm such a sucker for squares lined up. What a great layout to remember your garden. Anything on a transparecy gets my vote. I love how she photographes her work too. Looks so professional. Well she is on a few design teams and she has been published a few places. I'll let her go her site to see.
Great clip board. I'm not sure if it's just the clipboard I love or the way it's displayed with the wedding photo. The whole feeling here is just what I love looking at.
She must have one of those fancy pants camera's I've been begging my husband for. Then I could take photos of the dimension of my layouts too.............oh don't have dimesion. But I still need one of those cameras.

Head over to Grover's place and see all her scrap treasures. Don't forget to tell her I sent you. :)

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Polka Dot Creations said...

oh, yeah, I like the squares, too. And the transparency is great. I'll have to wander over to her site - it looks like we might have some similar color taste.

This is what I love about creative blogging - even if you don't work in the same medium as someone else, there are still elements of their art that can serve as inspiration for your own creations!

I always look forward to your posts. I think I'm going to add you to my blogroll :-)

grover said...

Thank-You, I am so flattered!
I love to create and share my work..just as much as I enjoying taking in what other's are is a great place this creative world we live in!!

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

another great find!

I award you the creative blogging award for all you to spotlight so many creative blogs out there!

Chelsea said...

VANESSA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) She has been a great inspiration to me for close to a year now, and I love seeing all of her new designs!

Loreluca said...

Awesome! Love that "Champions" title! So cool!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I so agree with Polka true. Inspiration usually comes from something outside your usual medium.

Grover, you are welcome. Keep those layouts coming!

Creative Blogging award? Is there such a thing? Even if there isn't, I'll take it. Any crown is a good crown. :)

Summers Camp said...

Wow! You were right when you said she's full of inspiration! I'll have to lift her over and over; so great! *B

Jolene George said...

She is very creative and talented!

Sibylle said...

Love her stuff. Very cool feature. Have to say, I have one of those fancy pants cameras and no inkling on how to get shots like that. LOL Baby steps.

Amelia said...

Oh man...cute stuff!!!!!!


Julie said...

Adorable - thanks for sharing that!

Raised In Cotton said...

Oh my just wonderful!!! Love it all!!!

grover said...

I have had a few comments about the close up photographs I take..super easy to just have to check your camera out to see if you have a Macro or SuperMacro feature..if so--turn it on and then get up close and personal with what ever it is you are photographing..I use supermarco and most times my lens is just millimeters away from what ever I happen to be photographing--easy peasy! :-)