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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Melissa - The Garden of Pink Shadows!

Melissa from The Garden of Pink Shadows has some truly amazing stuff. I know........I say that all the time, but when I feature someone, it's someone that made me gasp a little while surfing. This gal made me choke on my margarita...........that's a good thing, a compliment.........well it's not a good thing if I kept choking, but it means her stuff took my breath away............even if was for only a moment.

She grew up in New York surrounded by a family of artists.
No wonder she's so daring in her creativity. Sit back, take a sip of something cool and enjoy.I found this cute little acorn in her etsy photos. Cute! Now creative!
Love how she mixes it all up.
This is from her daily journal! DAILY JOURNAL!

Vintage can find it in her etsy shop

You can see more from Melissa HERE
Hope your having a great weekend.......and as you can see, I learned to link using just the word........Yea ME! I owe it all to you guys who emailed me. Thank you.


Splaneyo said...

WOW! I would get one page done and call it quits, yet her book is overflowing with beautiful pages. Hmmm... Thanks for introducing me to her beautiful site.

Suzie Sews said...

I am enjoying this one, some lovely stuff, full of ideas
Suzie Sews

Gwen said...

OOh, thanks so much for posting this! I'm not very good at doing this type of work myself, but I LOVE to look at it!

Loreluca said...

WOWSERS! This is just sooo creative, my friend! How do you find so much talent??

Tori said...

Oh I love the look of those wallpaper rolls! Such neat stuff! Thanks for always sharing great finds to us!!!

Melissa said...

THANK you for featuring me!!

sorry it took me a few days to find the post but how sweet of you!