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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Red Roof! Tin Roof................rusted! .......................You caught me singing that old B52s song. That's what I sing everytime I visit her site.

BINGO! Wouldn't you love a few of these beauties?

You know I don't even know her name and maybe that's the way she likes it, but I love looking at her old family layouts. Now this is what scrapbooking is all about. I am so jealous of the family she came from. They look like such a great group of people. I love the one of her grandmother showing her muscle! You go girl.

Look at that cabinet! Holy cow! I want it.

I love how she altered these coffee cans. That is so creative. Perfect I am thinking for one of those end of the year teacher gifts.

She LOVES glitter. It's everywhere.


Angela said...

That cabinet is awesome! And I LOOOVE the bedsprings idea! How cool!

mary h. said...

I decorated a coffee can, filled it with bath stuff, and chocolate. I put it on an altered serving tray with some other stuff. The teacher LOVED it. The other teachers came in to see the ensemble. Try it. It's fun and really easy.

Lisa642 said...

This blog is awesome!! Love the stuff you find!!

{Lara} said...

Those bingo cards are crying to be altered :) I love "collecting".
Great blog, thanks for sharing your finds.
{Lara} in South Africa

elizabeth said...

oh my!
the bingo goodies took my breath away :)

ArtsyMama said...

LOVE Donna's blog too. She is absolutely fabulous!!!!!

Jolene George said...

Love how she alters things! I'm with you...I want that cabinet. :o)

Tracy said...

everything about donna is wonderful :-) she is as creative and talented as they come and a wonderful friend. who makes wonderful tags (that's the tag she made me :-))

"Maggie" said...

Donna's blog and work are my cup of latte! :)

Alfred said...

Good Job! :)