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Monday, April 30, 2007


Sadie Olive.........isn't that the cutest name ever?

What I love love love about Sadie Olive is her before and after photos. It's amazing how she can capture a vison, hold on to it and get to the finished product.
She shows you before and after shots. The before photos are not your usual kind. I didn't post any here, but they were tastfully decorated..........just not her style. I could see making myself live with it, but after seeing what she that's my style.

She even has a cute online store where you can get some cool stuff. Home decor, flee market....Fun stuff.

Once again, Sara seems very down to earth. Must be something we creative women have in common. Down to Earth!
Can you imagine have a luncheon with all the women I have posted so far? What a hoot! Maybe I should start planning a Creative Blog gathering...............I know I know.........I'm getting carried away.............but a girl can dream right?
Don't forget to tell her I sent you. :)


Sadie Olive said...

Thank you so much for featuring my blog! You have had some great ones on your site, so I feel especially honored. :) You are too sweet. I will be sure to mention this on my blog as well!

Thanks for the kind words. :)

Jolene George said...

Her home is spectacular!
...and YES! I want a lunch invitation will all the creative women you've posted about. :o)

PAT said...

I enjoy visiting Sadie Olive's beautiful blog.

She is very creative and talented. I love seeing the befores and afters, too!

Congratulations Sadie Olive!!

Back Porch Musings

Sandy said...

Very fun and beautiful!
I came over from Rhoda's.
Happy May Day!

Rhoda said...

Thank you for stopping by & visiting my blog! I'm honored that you would want to feature mine too, so help yourself. I love Sara's blog (Sadie Olive) too and stop by there all the time. Please come back to see me often & I'll do the same.

Southern Hospitality

Tutti Chic said...

Sara is such a doll & designed a FABulous new blog for me with the look & feel I wanted!!PLease stop by & take a peek if you have a chance so you can see how talented she is at Blog design!!! Her home is so GORGEOUS (like her!):)

Trish said...

I've been browsing through your old post-love all the creative blogs you've featured:)