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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Simply Amazing

You can read my Part 2 installment of Bloggy Boot Camp on my personal blog.


Stephanie…….ahh sweet Stephanie.  I met Stephanie in her car… Bloggy Boot Camp.  It was a dinner deal going down and we were being highjacked by Jyl to head to dinner.  I was thrown in a car with 3 women, and I only knew one of them, Jyl……for only the last 8 hours.  Stephanie was the driver.  We were then seated next to each other during dinner….it was fate.  Loved getting to know her.  Loved chatting it up and loved that we even matched.  What I really loved was that she actually knew my blog.  She was a creative person….There were many gals that didn’t know my blog, because they just weren’t the crafty kind…..can you imagine?

Somewhat Simple

Stephanie lives in Arizona with her kiddos and hubs.  She creates a creative life with all kinds of fun stuff.  Her blog is gorgeous.  So easy to navigate.  I love it. 

She was telling me about a project she did for a White Elephant gift….she thought it was funny, the recipient of the gift thought it was funny.  I thought it was funny. image I love a good Mormon girl with a sense of humor.  She told me that she was trashed in a message board somewhere… no no…….not trashed like that…….she’s a good Mormon girl…..trash talked…..there were people who were trash talking this project and just had to tell her.  This is when she needed me……because…… I’m not a good Mormon girl and…….I could have taken care of those trash talkers once and for good. 

She’s good at the vinyl word stuff.  This Mommy’s Mood board would be pretty helpful out there for all Mommy’s.  What a cute idea.  image

Just when you thought you’ve seen all silhouette ideas…….she comes along and does it with glitter.  I’ve never seen that done, have you?  Michaels… better stock up.  Ladies, she shows you a full tutorial if you’re interested in the details. TUTORIAL!!!!image Lately, I’ve noticed bits of jewelry popping up made from ribbon and pearls.  I had seen some pieces at a Stella & Dot party I went to……Well Lil’ Miss Steph and her friend decided they could save a ton of money and just make their own.  Isn’t that cute?  She also will show you how they made that too.imageShe has several tutorials on her site.  I know you all love banners, but I also know there may be a couple of you out there that need a “how to make a banner” tutorial.  She does a fabulous job.  Step by step…..gotta love that.  Hold my hand please.imageMothers day is coming up…..Sunday!  Can you believe it?  Don’t panic…….if you still need something for your mother inlaw……no worries.  Steph has you covered.  Covered in Mod Podge that is…….imageShe’ll show you exactly how to create photo blocks.  Great gift for anyone you would give a photo too.imageBecause she has 3 kids and runs her house with an iron fist…….well maybe not……but she keeps them in line with this behavior button clippy thing.  Each day they start out in the middle.  Poor behavior moves the clip down…..good behavior or deeds move the clip up.  Nice visual…..and it looks cute too. I’m afraid I would have used the clip to pinch my son during a tantrum…..probably not what she had intended.    Hey…..don’t judge…..there is nothing wrong with a little squeeze or small pinch on the arm to get your child’s attention. Not one that bruises, people……simmer down……..when I meet you someday, I’ll show you want I mean…. It works great in public when you can’t raise your voice.  Besides I learned it from my sister…..and she’s a good Mormon girl……imageBeing cute is easy for this little girl.  She only gets cuter when her mommy makes her cute head bands.  Yep…….there is a tutorial.image

   Dont’ think for a minute that her talents run dry without adding in a bit of cooking and baking.  This looks amazing.  I want it NOW!  It makes me mad that she can eat stuff like this and stay so little.  Just wait til she’s over 40…….just wait.  I’d like to squeeze HER arm right now.image OK, I must say she forgot who may read this when writing out her tutorial on this one….she says “just slice and braid”  or something like that.  Um…..I’m gonna need more hand holding than that.  I’m not a natural at this creative stuff……I have to work at it.  She’s just showing off.  image But I’ll forgive her. Any girl that can wrestle raw meat and make some ribs……Dang…….image She has the recipe and instructions on her site.  Smack smack smack.   image     I’m fully expecting her to sew up some cute napkins that say that…..smack smack smack…….  get on that will ya Steph?


Loved meeting her.  Thanks for making dinner enjoyable and thanks for driving so safely.  And thanks for matching my outfit.image

Go surprise her. I didn’t tell her I was featuring her.  Hee hee hee…….go go go.


Bird said...

Them ribs are making me salivate! Seriously!

You guys look good in yellow btw :)

Sandra said...

I'm going I'm going!

Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

This just!
I got up extra early today because I have a bazillion things to get done before the kids wake. I am so not a morning person, but this post made me smile! I am actually smiling before 10am?! My kids are going to wonder what happened to me!
You are so sweet! Thanks for liking me enough to talk to me at dinner and thanks for liking my site enough to feature it on your fantastic blog! I am honored!
I owe you! What do you want, another Margarita? This one is on me! (Promise you won't wasted it this time?) And I will sip on a water, no alcohol, since I am a "good Mormon girl!"- but drink up Kim! CHEERS!

Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

Where is your "I was featured" button? I want in on my site RIGHT NOW!!! :)

mommyroo said...

I saw that "HOME" block on Steph's site some time ago, I thought it was so wicked funny, I sent the link to all my friends who all thought it was hilarious as well!

Katherine said...

I'm dying over the braided pastry...yummy!

ellie gee said...

She has one of my favorite blogs, and it's amazing to find out that she's funny and awesome as well. And...ribs? I missed that one. I'm tellin' ya, a meat gal to boot? Geez. It doesn't get better than that!

Tasha said...

Oh happiness!! This just seriously made me happy. I am glad you got to meet her in person. She is one of my favorite people. I happen to grow up with her and have been a big fan all along. She is just so funny and personable. And now from reading this post and her post about Bloggy Boot Camp I feel like I know you a little more. Love that too. Because well....I am a huge fan of your blog as well!! I've been reading a long time. I just don't normally comment. Your blog is awesome :) Happiness to you today.

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Ahhh you are so sweet to write about her, I love both you girls blogs!!!! Have a wonderful day!

HSDesigns said...

AHHHHH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA *SNORT* - Oh my god - so funny - Thanks I needed that! lol

InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Kim-

When I first started blogging I wrote an e-mail to a few bloggers that inspired me. Steph was the first one to respond back. This was thrilling to me as a new blogger to have made a "connection". I think you picked a great person and blog to feature today.

My best-

she wears flowers said...

Kim--you are hilarious! I came over via somewhat simple tonight and feel like I could read for hours. Love your blog! Thanks!

Sandy said...

I so enjoy reading your blog.. makes me smile on a not so smilie day!

Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

Your readers have all been so nice! Thanks again for featuring little ole me!

BLJ Graves Studio said...

LOVE the Home sign... too funny! :-)

Leah Killian said...

the food looks wonderful!

bruinlab said...

that braided bread looks yummmmmm! Braiding is braiding. If you can braid hair you can braid bread. It's the nummy stuff inside that is key and that looks fantastic.