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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sand in your Toes.

did you miss me?  I was so busy with the Blog Frog pre-launch yesterday.  I hope you’ve joined my community.  I’m giving away a $25 Target card. Enter to win by joining.  We’re going to carry on discussions from my daily features.  And not to miss an opportunity to milk some sympathy….I’ve been sick.  A chest cold has taken over my body.  It won.  I even had to teach Step, Lift and Water today.  But if you join my Blog Frog community, I’ll feel SO much better.  I secretly want to beat Laurie over at Tip Junkie. She’s such a show off.

You know how when you’re sick you want comfort?  Warmth?  Well that’s exactly what you’ll get from my feature today. 

Shell in my Pocket

Sandy Toes…..she’s been such a great follower and commenter to Today’s Creative Blog.  She makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.  So does her home.

I wish I could take a bath RIGHT NOW under this candleleir .  Great way to add style to any room.image Or sit in one of these porch chairs with a hot cup of tea……Beautiful.imageShe’s a busy mom who home schools. I love this work area.image

Do you think she does her crafty thing while the kids are studying?  She made these silhouettes and shows you how she did it.  That frame is to die for.image And she’s thrifty!  I love thrifty.  Who hasn’t seen a few of these around Good Will lately?  Don’t just walk on by…….grab it.imageBecause you can spray paint it!  image  She is so smart……..that’s probably why she can home school.  How many of you lose track of when your library books are due?  I have to admit I even hate checking them out, because I can never keep track of that darn slip of paper that tells me when to bring it back.  She has the perfect solution.  She made this darling chalkboard and placed it on the basket that holds the library books.  What a concept…..Love it.image Here’s just one angle of her laundry room. There are more shots on her blog.  So cute!  It’s energetic….to keep you motivated.  Because if you ask me.  There are way too many steps to laundry.  It’s almost impossible to NOT mess up somewhere. Place in hamper, sort, wash, dry, fold, put away…….it’s never ending.image Occasionally she’ll decide something needs a little work.  Like this lamp shade……from boring to…..image Original!  She used a placemat.  You can’t let your toile go to waste.image  You’ll enjoy her warm heart and simple needs.  She’s a nice writer that makes you feel like you’ve known her forever.  She’ll be tickled pink if you head over and leave her a great comment!  I’ll be tickled even pinker.

image Now I know it’s no where near Halloween, but I couldn’t pass up these darling pumpkins.  I must admit I have my mind on a bit of holiday decorating….the Holiday with Matthew Mead kind of decorating. image I am still in shock I was asked to be a contributor and part of their blogging panel!  They are announcing their panel over at his blog…..hurry…don’t be late…..they are even giving away some fabulous gifts.  Like this tiered garden stand…..I want that.image Head over and see what they’re up to.   Tell them you’re from TCB.  :)


Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Andrea said...

I'm so jealous of everything here, especially the silhouette! Gorgeous! Hope you have a great day and feel better!

Colleen @ MuralMaker&More said...

Hope you're feeling better. It's the absolute worst! Having to teach when you're sick. The one thing I don't miss about teaching.

And, btw, I DID miss you! Am so loving BlogFrog. Very fun and such great gals. Thanks for getting me on board.

becca said...

i love the homeschool area. it looks so neat and organized, the perfect place to learn.

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

My goodness, all that and homeschooling too!! How exciting about being a contributor for Holiday with Matthew Mead...I can't wait for that! Always enjoy visiting your site! LaurieAnna

SAS 'a frass said...

Oh I love everything! That last pillow in blk and wht...I have the same one! I made the same one a while ago with fabric from JoAnn's! She has great So many fabulous ideas I can't stand it.

Teresa said...

Oh I just love that chandelier up there!
Had one just like it in our little cottage in Alabama!
I had lots of vintage things in our little cottage.
So sad you haven't felt well my friend!
Going to make you feel all better though...cause I am popping over to JOIN BLOG FROG....whatever the HECK that is!

Anonymous said...

I heart Sandy Toes. She's in my reader, although probably feels like I've forgotten all about her because I suck at visiting blogs, but she's fabulous.

LOVE that work area.

Hope you feel better Kim. And of course I'm on your community {yes Laurie, I'm on yours too, but shhh, don't tell Kim}.

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

Congratulations being named as part of Matthew Mead's panel! You shouldn't be shocked it's well deserved recognition of your contributions to blogging.

Also wanted to add that I love the little due date sign. What a simple but great idea.

Melanie said...

Sorry that you are sick. I am a member of The Blog Frog but what exactly is it? Facebook for Bloggers?

Shell in your Pocket said...

Thank you so much, KIM! How fun and sweet of you!
You know I {heart} you and read you daily.

sandy toe


I just joined your blog frog community, which led me to your blog. I just started blogging in January and am loving it.

Looking forward to being a part of the discussion.

crush. blog said...

love her inexpensive but cute shelving system in the laundry - the due date basket for library books?! GENIUS!!! - and those black and white pumkins are simply adorable!

Melissa Lester said...

Sandy Toes is such a sweet and generous blogger. She certainly deserves a moment in the sun. Heading over now to say congratulations!

sanjeet said...

Gorgeous! Hope you have a great day and feel better!
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