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Friday, April 2, 2010

Quick Easter Gifts

I’m still l in denial that Easter is THIS SUNDAY!  I still need to run out and buy the Easter Basket goodies.  It’s a good thing I have blogs out there to give me great ideas. 

All the Small Things has some fun last minute ideas for Easter.  I am SO going to do one of these ideas for my niece and nephew. 

Usually when I feature someone, I dive right in.  I scour their archives, I try to learn what makes these creative people tick. Lean in and I”ll tell you a secret…….she’s making a lot of us look really really bad.  She has four beautiful kids and skips around making the ordinary look extraordinary.  I mean really…….who has a leprechaun dinner…..outside? 

Let me show you some of the cute Easter ideas this over achiever came up with. 

Exhibit  A : a great knock off of a small may day basket.  Love the colors and it sure makes giving a simple chocolate bunny a sweet surprise.  image

Don’t worry……she shows you what materials you’ll need.   imageExhibit  B:  Playing off the terrarium / Cloche craze.  How cute is this?  I guess this does look a little better than just dumping all the candy in a basket.   imageOh!  I was wondering about those carrots in the grass……but the grass is edible.  Here are the items you’ll need.  image Exhibit C: This is where she’s really showing off.  And this is exactly what I’m going to copy to make myself look really creative this Sunday.  And I’m only going to say where I got my idea if they ask.  :)  But seriously………cotton candy in ice cream cones?  Brilliant.  And packaged up so cute….. it’s really about how you present the present. image This one is so cute too!  imageThis is ONE FUN MOM…….with a great sense of humor.  I know it’s not even close to Halloween, but I LOVE this shot of her darlings.  Elmo with blood.  Cracks me up.imageAnd then when you’re thinking…….”Oh yea, well I bake my family great treats all the time”  We’re you thinking that? 

Guess what………she has great recipes and she puts muffins in a cute cloche…….And she gives up the recipes all typed out on a cute card….posted on her blog of course.image    I’m feeling pretty good about myself now that I see that she gave the teachers this lunch box full of goodies………..I did that one year.  Yep……feeling pretty good.imageHere’s a step by step for the rest of you. :)imageBut I haven’t ever grown Wheat grass……..She shows you how to do this too.image Even her mother is gorgeous!  Cute little family……..image In a cute little cottage.  image She may be an over achiever and makes us look bad, but go tell her she’s been featured anyway.  She  can’t help herself.  She’s just loving life.  Be nice. 


Come join my Blog Frog community. Big things are coming!  Also….our Spring Fling is coming. GIveaways EVERY HOUR!


Nancy's Notes said...

Great post, great blog, great ideas, love it! Thank you!!

Have a great Easter!


Sarah said...

Oh wow, she's fabulous! Thanks for sharing all the good peeps!!! ;>
God's blessings,
Sarah :D

Shayna Mills said...

Wow, post full of amazing ideas, thanks for sharing them.

Melanie said...

The bars look delish. Have a great Easter.

Lei said...

Seems to be one amazing woman, alright!

mommyroo said...

Oh I love it! Does anyone know where I can find those Kerr canning jars with the silver lids?

Rebecca said...

Great ideas! Love the lunch box!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

The bunny in the jar is adorable!

I think I might have to make them!

Luciana Onofre said...

Olá, meu blog Germinando mudou de endereço, te convido a continuar visitando por lá,


Luciana Onofre

Gail said...

I did the one in the jar for my grandgirls. To cute!!

Love Stitched said...

I grew up around this women! she is amazing!!! She ALWAYS over does everything and makes it look easy!! Thanks for featuring Gillian she deserves it!! :)

Gwen said...

Such fantastic ideas! I love the chocolate bunny in a jar and the rubber ducky in the robin's eggs... so fun! I have to go check out more now :)