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Friday, April 23, 2010

Gift Wrapping ideas

Today while baking cookies for my new physical therapist, I wanted to make them look good……then maybe they wouldn’t think I was such a flake for missing and forgetting my last 2 appts.  I knew I had some kraft boxes left over from Christmas and I have a ton of ribbon…….done.  They looked good……hopefully they tasted good…….but most importantly…….hopefully I redeemed myself. 

But all that reminded me of this blog that Cindy sent me a while ago…….If you’re looking for ideas for gift giving or ways to wrap a gift………because you know it’s all in the presentation. 

Givers Log…’ll love it!imageThese framed beauties look so cute on a wrapped gift……however I think that would have been a bit over the top had I given the PT a box of cookies with a photo of me on it.  :)  Especially since that was the first time I had met them.  But for other gifts………..this is a perfect idea.


Now maybe I could have really went for it and made my own tiered plate trays.  Do you think they would have thought I was like Martha, or just really odd?imageI love these.  They don’t look too terribly difficult to make.  Love the rose knob pull they used.  She shows a full tutorial on her blog.image  While you have your tools out………..look at this ribbon holder.  I’ve seen a lot of ribbon holders in my day, but this is a first for this.  imageShe shows you everything you need to know.image She also has a few ideas for party favors, or teacher gifts.   I love these little wood sharpeners she added a monogram too.  All you need is a bit of mod podge. image    And this idea…..great for all those germ infested elementary schools.  Fighting germs doesn’t have to be ugly.imageI’m a day late and a dollar short on this idea…… would have been perfect for Earth Day!  This is also perfect for any gardener, teacher, etc….

Rolls of seed tape.  imageIf you need a bit more information, no worries. She’s got a full tutorial on her site.imageLooks easy enough, yea?imageI have never seen a cake that has writing on it…….like this one anyway.  This is really what I should have made the physical therapist…..only going on about how sorry I was and how I just don’t miss appts and waste people’s time…..That would have been cool…..but probably over the top too.imageimageOr had I had more time, I could have used a plate that I sprayed chalk board paint on….then written my message…….

    This blog will really come in handy for all times of the year.  Always nice to grab a new idea when you’re trying to impress someone.  :)

Have a great weekend.


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Katie said...

Wow I am going to check our her sight right now!!

Katie said...

Hi Kim! I love taking your Friday morning class and this is fun to see what else you are up to during the week. Have fun at the blogging conference next week! And here is my website as promised : )

Permanent Posies said...

Love the tiered melamine plate server! Great idea!

Sarah said...

That ribbon holder is over the top! Thanks for sharing. I'm off to check her out. She'll be the perfect entertainment for being sick on a rainy day. Thanks!
God's blessings,
Sarah :D

Charissa said...

YES. I just discovered Giver's Log last month or so, and I am a fan! Original, beautiful ideas and great execution.

I actually write a blog about gift wrapping ( and was just looking around to see if it might fit in as a submission. I will e-mail you shortly!

Anonymous said...

you have me blushing.

came back from vacation and found this and it made my day. thanks.