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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just another cottage? Think again!

Sorry about the MckLinky issues yesterday.  I had the wrong date.  Whoops. 


Once again I sit here thinking I must have already featured Jennifer  I just know I did.  But I did my search and she’s not there and she doesn’t have my featured button…….and we all know all featured bloggers show my button………NOT!

But they really should, so I’ll know.  But even if I already did……it’s still a treat.  A really really big treat.  

The Old Painted Cottage is a wonderful blog about bringing inspiration into your home.  I’m just warning you now that you will feel like you haven’t an ounce of decorating knowledge and will re-write all your plans after seeing all her amazing work.  I’m ready to go ALL Neutral.  Why oh why can’t she be my neighbor?  I need her.  These are all photos of her own home she calls Cottage 8. She calls it that because it was the 8th house they looked at.  image

OK, please tell me that’s primer on those cabinets and what’s up with that blue wave?  Maybe they were inspired by that Creative Memories wave cutter?  Doesn’t it look like that?  Put down the cutter and put down the paint. Just walk away…..  The pure fact that Jennifer and her husband could see beyond all this is amazing!  And if this used to be your home….Sorry.

Now look.  Amazing!

image I bet they grew tomato plants or African violets in that bay window…….  imageNow that’s what I’m talkin about!   Can you spot those numbered plates?  How about the burlap valence?  The Farm Sink?  Sigh………….imageI really don’t have anything else to say about the “befores”……….image It doesn’t even look like the same room.  Now stand back and gaze at that fridge!  OH MY!  I must know how she did that, because I MUST copy.image The previous owners didn’t pick up any more decorating sense with the dining room.  That wave just makes me giggle now.  I can image how proud they were.  image OK…….she’s really good.  REALLY GOOD!  Burlap drapes.  All the shelving on the back wall.  The old school lights.  I’m ready to re-model my WHOLE house!  My husband is not going to think this blogging thing is such a good gig after all.imageJust in case you need another view.  imageimage  Then onto the living room.  She’s got the bare room before on her blog, but this is one of her “befores”……….it’s hideous isn’t it?


I couldn’t find anything wrong with it either.  But she replaced the coffee table.  Pretty cool too.image


She has a lovely shop full of great items she would decorate there.  Guess where I’ll be parking it for a bit?

OK, here’s the skinny.  All her photos are copy righted…….yep….I still copied them.  I sacrificed my freedom to inspire you today.  So…..hopefully she won’t be mad at me if you ALL head over and flood her comment box with lovely comments.  I’m counting on you to keep her on my good side…….just in case she’s my neighbor someday. 


This post is brought to you by your friendly Camera Accessory lady. 

Priddy Creations!



Farrah said...

Wow Amazing. They did an oustanding job and had plenty of vision to make that what it looks like today. Beautiful!

My husband hates when I see things like this then I just think of sledghammers and DEMO!!!!
I'd LUV to have a bigger kitchen but I have a small galley style. OH well.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That really doesn't even look like the same place!

Caroline said...

The Old Painted Cottage is one of my all-time favorite renos...She did such an amazing job. Incredibly inspirational!!

= )

Maya said...

I think I love everything about this cottage!! The size too! I'm going over there now.

Sherry said...

Jennifer's kitchen is one of my all time favorites. I especially love the long shelves on the back wall. Just beautiful!

Gabrielle @ Bee Wise Bags said...

Wow what a transformation! I love it!!!

The Old Painted Cottage said...

Kim, I am so flattered to be "Today's Creative Blog" today, thank you. I can assure you I haven't been featured here before, and I must admit, I'd been secretly hoping someday I might be! I've done so many more updates to our Cottage8, I really need to post more pics on my blog. And you have my permission to nab any pictures your heart desires. I'm absolutely tickled!


Kimberly said...

Jennifer - Your kitchen is beautiful!! Really, you have an amazing space to be so proud of. Thanks for sharing this great makeover, Kim!

missy said...

love it!!!!!!!
and the coffee table is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

t said...

What a gorgeous transformation. I'm drooling over the glass cabinets with the lights. As far as I know, to get your fridge to match your cabinets, you have to custom order a the fridge and have a cabinet maker do the front.

Heather Ozee said...

Oh my goodness! I love that kitchen... and dining room... and living room. ok, house swap time! thanks for sharing!

Carmen said...

Ahhh yes, the wavy kitchen. I have seen this before. It's one of those where you say..."Really? What in the world were they thinking???"

The afters are just gorgeous!

Teresa said...

I really really do wish I had not seen this!
I really liked my new home here on Bainbridge Island before I saw my home is do-do!
Woops...that is probably inexcusable blog language! ;o)
I'm not sure I won't to pop over to her blog or not!!!
It is all just sooo lovely! :O)

A Scrappy Design said...

Ok, now I HAVE to go check out her blog!

Haidee said...

I always like before & after pics Thanks.

Adrianna said...

I love the birdcages! They caught my eye immediately. She def. has the eye for design!

Adrianna said...

I love the birdcages! They caught my eye immediately. She def. has the eye for design!

Diana Evans said...

oh wow wow and wow!!! what a transformation!!!

Amy Priddy :||: Priddy Creations said...

BEAUTIFUL! My favorite thing is the butcher block countertops. I love butcher block! Love the farm sink too.

Sandy said...

I just love White.. clean and so bright.. great job !!!


stefanie said...

isn't she just talented...everything is gorgeous! I found your blog thru her and now I am off to look at all your amazing posts!

Dreamy Whites said...

I love & follow the old painted college. She is amazing! Now I found your wonderful blog because of her.
Take Care,

JulieChats said...

OK, sorry! :) I did check it out yesterday, but I was a bad one & didn't leave a comment....could I please be grounded at home alone with no one to bother me for a week, maybe two????

Such a cool cottage! I want that burlap valance and those shelves in the eating! I would probably die to have that coffee table, but then again, I can see my 2 year old getting his 9 yr old sister to push him around on it....guess I have to wait a few years! :)

Morning T said...

Jennifer's cottage is incredible and she is very deserving of the TCB blinkie button!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I've watched Jennifer's transformation and it truly is amazing. A work of art :-) She is very deserving of your blinkie button.


Graceful Moments said...

The Old Painted Cottage has been one of my favorites for a while now. I was reading her blog post about all the emails she was getting from your post here. So I had to come check out your blog. So glad I did!

Queen B. said...

simply....P E R F E C T !!

Patty P said...

And another one! How do you find these creative women??? LOVE this kitchen!

Ashley said...

This is officially my dream kitchen! Thank you for sharing this inspirational post!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I am so happy that you shared about my sweet friend on your blog! Isn't her home just amazing? It reflects the heart of Jennifer and Adam - their hearts made their totally awesome and cool house a HOME.


Rosemary said...

Hi there,
I'm lucky enough to live close by Jen and to be a friend. I have seen these redos up close and in person. Very fun!!
Jen is an inspiration to everyone!!
Hope you come by my blog sometime.
Glad I visited yours,

Jackie said...

isnt her house just amazing??? I bet I looked at it for 15 days straight after she first posted it! Such inspiration!

Cottage Flair said...

I follow her blog and LOVE her work. She does make me feel like I need to change and redo but can't quite get it to look as beautiful as her work!