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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I’m sure I did……….

I need an assistant.  My past featured list is terribly outdated….I really need to update it.  Sigh.  And I need a memory…..I was solid in my belief that I had already featured Jessica………Jessica Leigh.  I thought for sure she was one of my past features and was going to give her a bad time about not having my featured button……I even went so far as to tweet about wanting to feature her again…….that’s when she let me know she had never been featured.  Dang……

She posted this tassel on my Get Your Craft On last week.  Love it!  She does a full tutorial so you can learn too.  TUTORIAL!!!imageLove the red frame….and the pussywillow wreath…….wait….I have one of those…….no wonder I love it.  :)  And you can see her tassel hanging from the lamp.  imageI have visited her site many times since the time I thought I had featured her.  She is always so creative with her decor…….she saw something similar to this below and just tucked it away in her inspiration file…….until the day she made it.  Isn’t it amazing?  It was for one of her son’s rooms.  (really cute son’s by the way)imageYou can see it peeking out on the side.  What I love about this photo below is the stuff on top of that armoire.  imageHere’s her other son’s bedroom.  Cute.  But where’s the crap?  My son has so much crap on his dresser.  Trophies  ……..seriously does an 11 yr old boy need 5000 trophies? Really puts a cramp in our decor…..well in mine anyway.imageI’ve looked at this map for our playroom.  I love it!  image   This has got to be one of the cutest ideas ever.  Scrabble tiles…..So original.imageAnd do we ever get tired of monograms?  Nope……..didn’t think so.  imageOr numbers…….we don’t ever get tired of those either.  image  Or Black or Red doors………I’m a sucker for a red door, but black comes in 2nd with me.  Especially with a red heart……and vinyl numbering.imageJessica is a photographer.  She is a wiz at photo shop and has been known to replace the head of her son in a photo….sounds bad….but it’s not… child was harmed in any replacing head incidents……...she gives you tips on how to take better photos and how to do different photoshop techniques.  Like replacing the head………I need her for a neighbor because I need a new memory……do you think Photoshop could help me with that?image      OK….THERE!  I featured her and I’m so glad I did.  I didn’t mean to leave her out for so long.  Love her stuff.

Off you go…….leave her a ton of comments.  Be good little TCB readers.  I love having the features find out from you guys that they’ve been featured.  I don’t tell them ahead of time. 


Oh……Holly with Magnolia Sunshine, a past feature (I think she was anyway LOL)  is having an App giveaway. 

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imageThank you Amy!


Anonymous said...

We all need assistants! LOL.

Sarah said...

Beautiful work!
God's blessings,
Sarah :D

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

She is definitely feature-worthy material. When I was throwing my weekly mantel party, she linked up with the most glorious Valentine's mantel ever. She's great. Glad you featured her again...or...uh...for the first time :).

Jessica said...

you are awesome!! i love it. i'm about crying!!
off to post about your post!!!! much love!!!!

Becky said...

Great Post!!! I read Jessica's blog all of the time and only wish I was half as creative. :) I want her for my neighbor too!! LOL

Shell in your Pocket said...

What a fun blogger...just came back from her...thanks for the introduction!

sandy toe

Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

I love the numbers over the towels! I'm so using that!!
Can't wait to check out this creative blogger!
Have a great day!

Jessica said...

wowsers. .
i knew you were hot. . .
but i didn't realize you were smokin'...........


i'm beyond flabbergasted at the hits from today!

thank you so much. . .again!

Tausha said...

Love that you feature such talented women! She is awesome! Love the ideas and the simple tips. Keep up the fantastic work! I love your blog!

Heidi Walker said...

Thanks for featuring her. That foot taste will go away some day I promise.

Heidi Walker said...

Thanks for featuring her. That foot taste will go away some day I promise.

Teresa said...

Oh how I giggle at your personality!!
I will be your assistant Sweetpea!!
I was grinning from ear to ear when you stated:
"where's the CRAP?"
Oh how funny....Lucas having 1000s of trophies!!!!
This gal is oh so talented!!!
Can't imagine creating a tassel like that!!
And those scrabble letters are just too much! Fab idea!!
Just picked Doogie Boy up from the groomers....he is soooo wishing Mabie could see him!! ;o)
Think I am going to do a post on Doogan's blogging girlfriends!
Don't tell Maybelline....but he has like 3 SOLID gals he has crushes on!!!
He likes Mabie best...same state and the CURLS....he's a sucker for those black curls and the BOW!!

Hannah said...

I LOVE your blog--what a great idea! And love the pics! :)


Nathalie said...

LOVING the deco ideas!!!! I have to go spend some time on her blog!!!

Angie @ said...

You're right! She's amazing! Wouldn't it be funny if u found out she IS your neighbor? NO- if she WAS ur neighbor but you scared her away with your adoration, she she moved-- and then found out she was my new neighbor!?! Then I would be laughing tears of joy!

First thing i'd ask her is- where's the crap? And I just HOPE that the true answer to that is "I just moved it onto the floor for the picture" because no matter how hard I try to keep my kids' rooms looking like they came from a magazine ( I don't try THAT hard!), they are still kids and masters of collecting CRAP on top of their dressers! Arg!

Thanks for featuring her. I'll be following her religiously until she moves away from me too.., :-)

sanjeet said...

Glad you featured her again...or...uh...for the first time :).
rihanna video

The Romance Queen said...

I love the red and black combination! I love it in decorating and in clothing and accessories! This post is right up my alley!