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Thursday, February 18, 2010

I like Pie!

I gotta make this quick……..I’m in the throws of my son’s State Report on Utah…..I can’t believe how much time it’s taking! 

OK……..enough about me……….

I’ve never tried Salsa Pie…….but if it’s anything like her blog, then I’ll love it!  

The first thing that caught my eye were these super duper cute silhouette birds…….I know it’s right up your alley too.  I MUST do this!image She has a tutorial……..and she also uses them for some other cool crafts.  Do we ever get tired of birds?  Or bird silhouettes?imageThis mama is all about bringing creative living to her babies.  She really takes the time in creating imaginative events to keep their brains engaged.  She has dress up parties and even had a indoor beach party when the weather was bad.  What a fun mom.image

  And if it’s too icky to be outside, then why not bring the playground inside.  Great idea.imageAs you can probably tell……..she does a lot of art projects with her kiddos.  I LOVE the way she stores her twine in the flower pot.  I am stealing this idea.


   Look at this cute art piece she created with her child’s hand!  Great idea for a simple room addition, or for the Grandparents.  image I love how she incorporates the child into her home.  It’s obvious her children have a strong presence in the household.  Nothing makes a child feel loved than to see bits of their expression around the home.   

How about turning some of their art into night lights?  Yep…..she’s done it.imageLittle girls and jewelry…….oh they love it!  They love it even more if they get an art project out of it too.  These are paper mache.   She’ll show you how to do this too………cuz she’s nice like that.image

I love Mama’s like this.  They have their priorities straight.  These are the Mama’s that soak up the pleasures of mamahood.   These are not the kind of women who demand that a baby will NOT change their lives……that they still plan on doing just what they did before……….don’t get me started………while I’m on my soap box…….let me just say…….if you’re going to have children, you should expect and WANT your life to change.  If you don’t want a baby to change your life…….DON’T HAVE ONE!   I love seeing women like this gal and like all my features who get it.  **stepping down now**


If you’re looking for extra inspiration today, grab a cuppa joe and click through Tuesday’s Get your Craft on.  Holy Cow!  Great stuff!

Come back tomorrow for Friday’s Fabulous Giveaway!  It’s going to be pretty.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore her and have been a follower of her for a while! So glad she got featured here!

Christine said...

What a fun momma! I love the indoor hopscotch I'll have to remember that one!!

Anonymous said...

what fun!

and can i get an AMEN before you step down!

Anonymous said...

what fun!

and can i get an AMEN before you step down!

Colleen @ MuralMaker&More said...

Love the silouettes. Seeing lots of them around, but you're right - who doesn't love birds?
And the hand painting. Have to do this w/Grandson this wkend.

More Than "Just Mom" said...

I love your blog! You show some fantastic ideas, and I can't wait to try some. Especially the handprint flowers on a canvas - perfect!

Jessica said...

LOVE those handprints of the kiddos!!!

Your blog just makes me smile, you know that!!!!

Jessica said...

your comment made me so happy, but you've never featured me. . . or at least you never told me about it. . .if you did!!!! :)

J.J. said...

that indoor hopscotch is like a duh moment. so simple!!

I love that kiddo jewlery, too!!!

Joanne said...

SO happy that Caroline got featured here! She is SUPER!