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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Things you oughta know….

I am speaking at the Bloggy Boot Camp in Phoenix May 1st.  pic_img_7What should I speak about?  I can talk non-stop about my son, my dog and my husband, but something tells me you might get a little bored with that.  What if I added a slide show with it?  :) 

Tiffany with Secrets in the Sauce is the brain child behind all this.  I have pasted below all the information.  Here’s the link if you’re in Arizona and you’d like to come hang out with us. 


What is Bloggy Boot Camp?
Bloggy Boot Camps are one day blog and social media conferences for under $100.  The idea is a more convenient, lower cost, more co-operative experience. These day events are for brand new bloggers or experienced social media mavens- something for everyone. For under $100, you can network, get motivated, learn the tips from the experts and, have some serious fun.

Does it involve exercise?
No.  Unless you count belly laughs.

Who will be there?
All kinds of women- brand new bloggers to seasoned pros- there is always something new to learn

Why should I go?
Because you love to blog.
Because you want to know more about SEO, the FTC, PR, Social Media and more.
Because there is nothing like meeting and laughing and sharing with other women who “get it”.
Because doing something for yourself is important.

Will I know anyone who is going to be there?
Maybe. Maybe not. But, the way we set things up, it doesn’t matter. SITS is an INCLUSIVE community- seating at lunch is assigned- no wondering which table to sit at- we’ve done that for you.

So tell me……give me some ideas of what you want me to chat about. 

While you’re thinking……don’t forget to enter the Friday Giveaway……..scroll down. 


Dawn said...

I'd love to attend one of these one day-stopping by from SITS Saturday Sharefest but I visit your blog all the time-love it!

Homemade Diva said...

signed up a couple days ago. can't wait to meet you! :o)

Susan Crabtree said...

I had no idea this was in Phoenix-I am going to check it out right now! Thanks for sharing!

Blackberry Jam Cafe said...

Wish I could go - for now I'll have to settle for following you and waiting patiently to hear all about it! (I also just snagged your button to add to my site).

Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

I would love to go! But I doubt I can swing a ticket and plane fare! Thankfully we have all these different conferences all over the country so you can find the ones within driving distance. Good luck with your speaking - I would be so nervous!
BTW - thanks for stopping by the other day!

FanningFlashes said...

Sure wish I could attend!Would love to see a Bloggy Camp in Austin.

zigszoo said...

Sounds fun!

Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

I'll be there! Save me a seat in the front row! :)

atayala said...

Hope the place was too near so that I can come too. Wish I coould attend.

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