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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Peeps…

CaptureI’m not shy about promoting our Chic Chick Peeps widget.  I love this thing.  Yea yea….it does bring in a little moola (that we split 5 ways) that allows me to think I have more permission from myself to spend time daily writing online.  But what I most love about it is, it’s ability to make the bloggy world that much smaller.  It’s ability to allow other women to promote themselves….to bring more of you together…….that’s what I love.  Pretty sappy I know……..but it’s all true.  Really.

Today I clicked on Dainty Couture with this very cool Valentines Day  poofy ball tutorial.297 Kim from Everything Etsy brings you well………….Everything Estykim  . She kind of does what I do here, but with Esty creations.  And her name is Kim…..I think we’re related too.  She’s also fun to follow on Twitter.


Writing without Periods …… If you need a good giggle and you’re nearing the 40 bench mark, you will find delight with this blog. IMG_1466 Mary and Jenny will have you in stitches with their witty writing.


Have joined our flock?  It’s the easiest, most economical way to promote your blog or site….and guess what?  You now receive 25 free prints from color inc. when you join all our smart birds.

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