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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Teresa is bigger than life.  She is like the Fairy God Mother flying all over blog land sprinkling her glitter of positive excitement for all things lovely. 

Blooming in Bainbridge


Teresa is one of those people that you know you would just feel right at home with and be her bff right when you meet her.  You can tell she lives her life with passion and no regrets.  Must be her southern roots, even though she’s been transplanted to Bainbridge Island in Washington (only about 3 hours from me.)

When visiting her blog, you’ll learn quickly that one of her true loves is her pup, Doogan.  I mistakenly thought he was the same breed as my Maybelline, a Labradoodle, but he’s a soft coat wheaten terrier.  So cute.  And she adores him.image I have fallen in love with her decor style!  I fantasize about having all white!  But with a 10 yr old boy and a black dog that gets muddy….(don’t have to worry about hair, cuz we all know labradoodles don’t shed)…….I wonder how she does it with Doogan?  It’s gorgeous isn’t it?  imageimage

This photo below is a bit fuzzy once I blew it up….but you can still soak up the beauty.image For different times of the year, she will change it up a bit…..Lovely.image  She loves to entertain.  She knows how to throw a dinner party for sure.  I love it when someone can stick to all white……I haven’t learned that yet.imageShe plans her dinner parties, writing everything down in a journal. imageI think this is on a side board somewhere.  The cake plates, the cloche, all the white………love it.imageAnd look at this!  She made those bread sticks…….I wouldn’t know how to act.imageIf you’re ever lucky enough to visit, she just may have this waiting for you. The girl has style!imageSticking with her southern roots, she doesn’t make corn bread from a box ( I do), she makes it from scratch like so many of her other yummy creations on her blog.imageYum!image    She’s as cute as a button…….happy happy happy!  Stop by and tell her hello, it will make your day.image       Throw Doogan a doggy treat too.  image

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MissJody said...

Gorgeous pictures and house!!

I dream too- of all white!!

Blackberry Jam Cafe said...

Lovely Lady - so organized with great style!

Teresa said...

Well Kim...
I must say...
I am speechless...
and that doesn't happen often!
What a surprise!
My heart is just pitter-pattering all over the place.
I'll have to admit...I was a bit intimidated and apprehensive about creating a blog...5 months ago. I mean with all the fabulous blogs out there (and I know...
I had been drooling in blogland... for years) why might anyone want to peek in on my little world?
This recognition...from someone like flattering beyond words.
Thank you Kim!
I thank you for the sweet sentiment behind all of your words.
I thank you for totally "getting me!" Don't you just love it when someone GETS YOU?!! Such a satisfying & rewarding feeling.
I am humbled and grateful...
to have Blooming on Bainbridge shining bright on
"Today's Creative Blog!"
What a gift!
And I like you...think WE COULD be Bestest Friends!

Sarah said...

She's adorable! I'm going to check her out.
God's blessings,
Sarah :D

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Love all the white. She has a great blog. Thanks for sharing. Love & blessings from NC!

Cate said...

I have to comment and say that I have been a follower of Teresas for about 3 months now and everyday day she is an inspiration. Her complete love of life and the fun she has, just gives you a happy glow.She truly deserves the success with all the love she is spreading around around.Congratulations...Yay..

FanningFlashes said...

What a cute site and a lovely home. Thank you for sharing. I am loving all the pink in her pink giveaway. I will definitely be visiting her site again!

High Heels and Aprons said...

I've seen her blog before and it's lovely! You're three hours from her? I'm in Buckley, where are you???

Ally @ High Heels & Aprons

Bird said...

Hey Kim,

Thanks for bringing us some more goodies!!

Just came over to tell you I am having a great Le Creuset cookware GIVEAWAY!!

For details on how to enter go to:

And good luck!! :)

kanishk said...

Lovely Lady - so organized with great style!

Work from home India

TidyMom said...

Oh I LOVE Teresa's blog and Teresa is just one of THE sweetest ladies!! Teresa has such great style, a fantastic personality and the CUTEST dog Doogan! ♥