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Sunday, December 6, 2009

tis the season

I want to send a Sunday shout out to a few of the people that have supported me……because of them, they keep me blogging on those days when I should be mopping the floor…..such choices I make for you all.  :)  I am thrilled to have a small online voice that supports mostly women or products for women. 


Today’s Giveawaybuttonforphotobucket-1This site is kind of like mine but features a new giveaway just about every  day.  Brilliant.  I have suggested in the past that someone start one of these.  Great stuff on this one.  

Color Incorporated


I love working with Jared from Color Incorporated.  He is offering 25 free prints just for my readers……….well I sound much more impressive when I say it like that………..Just in time for the holidays.  They even have wrapped Canvas’. 



Provo Craft is da bomb when it comes to making us crafty girls salivate.  Just when you think you have every tool you need, they come out with something else to add to our creative tool belt.  I recently received a Cricut Expression and I must say…..I love it!  I have fought the Cricut bug since they came out a few years ago. What was I thinking?  It’s one of those tools that even non crafters would find useful.   If you click on their link, or my top banner, you can fill out your very own wish list and send it to anyone for gift ideas.  It’s a great little  “hint hint” to send out. What’s on your Cricut wish list?


MissJody said...

I myself am a Cricut-teer!!

I loooooove my cricut so much!!!!!!
The possabilities are endless...I have the smaller one for crops and the larger one..expressions..for at home :)

SoBella Creations said...

Thanks for suggesting some great new sites.

I love your blog! :)

Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

I would soooooo love the Cricut Gypsy.