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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lucky Star Lane

Whoa!  You guys rock at adding your crafty stuff to my Get Your Craft On!  Thank you.

Christmas makes me all nostalgic.  You?  So when I saw this Retro inspired Macaroni tree….I was giddy.  Yes…….it’s a MACARONI tree…..not a PASTA tree…..that’s probably what they would call it today.  When I was growing up back in the day…….a child of the 70s…..yes, I am THAT old……how else do you think I got this sassy?  Back in the day, no one called pasta…..pasta.  It was macaroni.  Didn’t matter what the shape was……heck we didn’t have all those fancy shapes. We had Spaghetti and Macaroni.

Lucky Star Lane crafty ideas from two crafty girls.

I love how this turned out.  They glammed it up by spray painting it silver and adding tiffany blue.  Beautiful.  base mac treeThis is something you could easily do with the kids. Good bye 70s macaroni tree…..Hello 2000’s Pasta tree.macaroni tree 1You know how we were just talking about adding an element to a wreath to change it up?  Remember?  This is perfect.  Just head to your local craft store and grab one of those monograms they sell, paint it and hang it to your wreath.  Love!B redAnd I’m not sure if you’ve noticed my obsession with burlap lately, but I found these burlap gift tags on her site.  I could even manage the stitching…….although I probably wouldn't.  I’d line it with more glitter and call it good.  I love these too.owl and birdy tags  Because we’re a little nutty for birds……..look at this cute one they made.  Darling.  I’m not trying this one either, but I sure admire it.little red winged bl;ack bird These have nothing to do with Christmas, except you could make them as a gift.  They picked up a few wooden hangers, painted them, added the rub on…….I think it’s a rub on….What a great gift!H hanger up close Their blog is fairly new, so chances of already knowing about it are slimmer.  Don’t you LOVE finding a new jewel?

While you’re visiting them, you may as well leave them a comment telling them how you found them.  Why not?


Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Now that's what I call some very low cost, lovely crafting ideas!
I'll go check out their blog right now.

Rose said...

Cool pasta tree. My son would love all that shiny silver paint, he is so into all things shiny.

LuckyStarErin said...

Thanks so much! We are just getting started blogging and so far it has been an awesome experience! I love to find wonderful, creative people and be inspired daily. Have a wonderful holiday!

Erin & Heather

Gina said...

That pasta tree totally caught my attention-I'm inspired and nostalgic all at the same time!

Tiffany | Making the World Cuter said...

LOVE it! Pasta is looking mighty chic!

Barbara Jean said...

all great things you have shared.

love the 'macaroni' tree. =0))


barbara jean

Bird said...

What a creative mind!

Thanks for the tips

Aura said...

Wow that pasta looks amazing! Little did I know all the things you could do with it outside of a macaroni necklace.

LuckyStarErin said...

Thanks again for featuring us! I added your "I heart Today's Creative Blog" to our sidebar!