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Monday, December 14, 2009

Blue Cricket Design

Any girl who makes her own wedding cake out of Krispy Kreme Donuts is my hero! Blue Cricket is original and fun.dulg102And any girl who has a red door is a new BFF, because we all know how much I love a red door.  Especially a red door with a blue frame.  Original and Sassy!  IMG_5872If you look close…….those aren’t ordinary Christmas balls.  First of all I love the whimsical look.  These ornaments are regular ornaments, but with a bit of paper mache .IMG_5862She took a few older ornaments she no longer wanted, some newspaper, and mod podge.  A full tutorial on her blog. TUTORIAL!!!Halloween balls  She’s got lots of ideas for quick, inexpensive creative gifts.  Like these pop up cans.  How fun!      Start out with your average soup can….. IMG_5720Open the bottom end with a can opener.  Leaving the top of the can with it’s pull tab intact.IMG_5721Fill your can with any kind of goodies.IMG_5722Seal your can with the original bottom and some glue.IMG_5723Wrap your can and make it pretty.IMG_5725Add a cute tag and you’ve got your self an inexpensive gift that will charm the socks off just about everyone. IMG_5734I know it’s hard to believe that someone as crafty as me…….cough cough….would be running short on time with the holiday’s.   Those blasted neighbor gifts…..Of course you can’t blow them off…..what would they think?  Well Becca had the best idea…….and it looks adorable, so it makes up for the simplicity of it.  Pull together a cookie cutter, a cookie decorating item and a roll of store bought cookie dough.  IMG_5785Wrap more of that cute scrapbook paper or even cute wrapping paper…….or a section of BURLAP or fabric would be cute……wrap whatever you have around the dough, tie it all together with a cute ribbon, add a cute tag and you are finished.   Easy on the pocket book, and the schedule.  And you still look like a rockstar to your neighbors.IMG_5790Another great idea that looks like a million bucks, but doesn’t cost it…..You’ll need cloths pins, decorative paper, buttons, and magnets. IMG_5741 Put together your favorite patterns.  They stick to your fridge for easy clipping for misc items.  Darling. 

And when you’re all finished, but you need a cute impressive gift tag….she used images from clip art on her computer.  After a bit of fancying up, they will enhance whatever gift they’re placed on.

IMG_5844She’s got a bit of a recycle, repurpose gene.  You know I love that.  She has a few projects of collecting old thrown out pieces of furniture and turning them into something useful.  Like this cabinet below. IMG_3383 She painted it, took the drawers out so she could have shelves.IMG_3390But what to do with all the drawers?  You can’t just throw them away.       IMG_3420She made ribbon organizers.  Have you ever seen such a cute idea?  Way to think outside the drawer.  Brilliant idea.

I hope you’ve got something good to drink, because you’re going to be there awhile.  I was.  She’s a fun read….but we already knew that from the donut wedding cake. 

Be sure to join me tomorrow for my Get Your Craft On Tuesday.    


sissie said...

Oh my goodness, what wonderful stuff! I'm going over there right now and check it out. Wonder where she gets all those great ideas?
And Paula Deen would absolutely love her Krispie Kreme cake!

SoBella Creations said...

What wonderful creative crafts! Great site.

Tanya said...

i have seen her before. she is great!

Becca @ Blue Cricket Design said...

Oh my word KIM!!!!!! You simply spoiled me! What a fun surprise! I tell you what... a total honor! I think I need to pay you for being mu very own personal Cheerleader!

Dude... you really must have gone way back in the bloggy blog to find my Krispy Kream Cake!Still one of my favorite creations mainly because it's soooo me!

Thanks again friend! I HEART this post and you! You made my my week!!!!!


Kim -today's creative blog said...

Glad you liked it Becca! I do spend a lot of time searching the blogs I feature. I like to dig for treasure and you didn't disappoint.

Anonymous said...

I've visited her blog before, but some of these ideas are new to me. Looks like I need to do a little more exploring. So cute!

Queenplinker said...

Tonight I'm gonna party like...I'm the 1999 follower.
What a fun place and so nice to see a new creative blog everyday! Thanks for doing what you do.

And please don't tell me the 2000 follower gets a new

Queenplinker said...

Tonight I'm gonna party like...I'm the 1999 follower.
What a fun place and so nice to see a new creative blog everyday! Thanks for doing what you do.

And please don't tell me the 2000 follower gets a new

Little Birdie Secrets said...


veda murthy said...

simply fabulous! too good!

jenjen said...

Wow - I love all of her ideas! So cute and fun! I love that frame on the door too!


Dianna said...

I lover her ornaments.

Bridget said...

I never saw her "cake" ;). So cute and so original. She's amazing!

Julie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these ideas!