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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A little Loveliness

What is wrong with me?  I must be a glutton for punishment….I keep choosing these Super Moms as my features. 

A Little Loveliness

Not only is she a super mom she’s also contributing editor to "Christian Woman" magazine and author of the book "Giving for All It's Worth." And contributed a chapter to the book "Woman to Woman."  I’d say she’s a show off…….but don’t we love show offs?  I know I do. 

I think what caught my eye the most is how she takes a simple idea to make something a not so simple looking gift or event.   Like this pitcher of lemonade ….Seriously….the impress factor just went up 100 notches.  Simple!  Add a silk flower, some ribbon……WOW! 212

She made Strawberry cookies…….I’ve never heard of Strawberry cookies….she has the recipe on her site along with 100s of other recipes….I think I remember her saying she packaged these up for her daughters friends.  Simple gesture….but very thoughtful.


Speaking of simple but thoughtful….she put this together for her brother in law….or maybe it was just her brother.  She uses vinyl lettering a lot.  Such great ideas.  Presentation is key.


How about this? She bought the coffee mugs from The Dollar Tree…….added a monogram to some cute fabric, added a bow……So cute!  So much better than just a regular coffee mug.  There are lots of great gift ideas on her blog…..Christmas IS coming.


This is just a lil’ sumpin sumpin she put together for her sister in law.  Boy she must love her….I think the best thing I ever got from my sister in law was a candle.  I would fall over if  I opened up this gift.  Wouldn’t matter who I got it from.1223


Spending a bit of time at her blog, you can tell she goes all out. You can also tell she enjoys it.  This below is a photo collage (love those) of a back to school dinner.  BACK TO SCHOOL?  WOW.  I’d like to see Thanksgiving at her house.  Her kids are lucky….I’m definitely not going to show my son this….he was happy with his Take and Bake pizza we had.

Lester Beach Photos She has great table scapes….love this center piece.  Flip-Flop Tea Party 090  Did I mention she has a ton of recipes on her site?  I did?  Well this is one you’ll want.  She added this to my Get Your Craft On Tuesdays.  Spiced Pumpkin Latte…….Dang!  I can’t wait to try this…..DSC08539 This below was from yet another celebration dinner……she has a lot of them…….But would you look at those pumpkin bowls?  Do you think she’s like us scrapbookers? You know how you find a cute embellishment and then you find a reason to use it?  I think she finds cute dishes and decides to find a way to use them….Darling pumpkins….. 2009-10-115       Melissa has a lovely family. She shares not only great recipes, table scapes, and great gift ideas….but she’s got great ideas for family fun.

Enjoy and make me proud….leave her a comment. 


Jill said...

Oh my goodness!!! What a find!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Judy in Indiana said...

Spiced Pumpkin Latte? I gotta go get that recipe!

Apron of the Month Club said...

Wow, she is a super-mom. I like the coffee tumbler idea. I wonder if I can find vinyl letters. I've never worked with them before. Thanks for the pics.

Please feel welcomed to drop by for a visit. ~ Yoli :)

Sarah said...

Hey Kim! As always, thanks for sharing these great sites with us & featuring such amazing & creative women!! :)

Akela Joy said...

I have been reading this blog for some time now and am just more amazed each time. A Little Lovliness is just AWESOME!

Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

Those pictures are fantastic!

Melissa Lester said...

Oh, Kim, thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been a big supporter of TCB for a long time and am so thrilled to be numbered among the creative moms you have featured. You have made my day!

GridironGirl said...

A Little Loveliness is an awesome blog! I've been enjoying it for awhile now. She has so many wonderful ideas!

Gina said...

That's so funny! I just stumbled across her blog and have been enjoying all her cool ideas-the pumpkin latte was enough to get me! Yum!

Jessica said...

Yay...can't wait to check it out!

paige said...

I want that Pumpkin Latte ... Yum!!!

sweeter and the bubbas said...

I count Melissa among my closest friends. Not only is she a creative super mom, she is genuine, kind, and a wonderful Christian.

sonja said...

I already follow her blog and just LOVE her! She brings out the creative best in us, in such a beautiful elegant way. Makes me want to get into that cabinet and pull out that dusty china and USE IT!!! Thanks for the feature...loved it!

Debb said...

Thanks for sharing... love the pink chair... what a great blogger

jsangel said...

The blog is wonderful! We made the pumpkin latte and it was HEAVENLY!!! You've just gotta love people who make your day happier with a simple recipe!

Melissa Lester said...

Reading all these sweet comments is like opening presents! Thank you for all the kind words, everyone!

Gail said...

I've been blessed to know this special blogger since her birth! I'm a very proud aunt. The most important thing everyone should know is that she is truly as special, loving, and giving as her blog reflects. She's amazing - I'm so proud!

avagdro said...

Thanks for sharing.Great collections.Wish you in advance a joyful Christmas ahead.

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sonja said...

I love Melissa's blog, I always visit her page to see how my kitchen and table SHOULD look!! and BTW... I also LOVE your blog!! You've go t knack for picking the best pages to feature, and... you absolutely CRACK ME UP!!!