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Monday, October 19, 2009

It’s the little things that make a house a home

OK ladies…….let’s just agree right now that women like Karla from

It’s The Little Things That Make A House A Home

are domestic freaks of nature… I sit here with my Halloween totes spewing it’s last minute decorations still needing to be put up….she’s making me feel a bit unorganized.  Once I get over myself…….which usually doesn’t take long………because I’m tolerant and respectful like that………as I was saying……once I get over myself, I get that warm tingle looking at all her great ideas and projects.  Seriously, writing this blog has only made my To Do List that much longer!

That’s why I LOVE easy quick projects with big bang appeal.  Like the bats!  I’m totally doing this…..Her porch is looking very festive.  I could even have my son do the cutting.


Pumpkins in urns is a very popular and easy way to dress up your porch.  I love the crow….or is it a raven?  I’m too cheap to buy one full price, so I’ll wait and I’ll make due with my black owls I purchased at Roberts this summer for $1.49…….SCORE!  I love me some Utah crafty shopping.


Somewhere on her porch……maybe on her back deck, is this beauty.  She……..well her husband…….who is very very skilled….he made this from an old head board.  Love.

Headboard Bench - 10

Speaking of the back deck……..she decided she wanted globe lighting, but she was too cheap…….hey! maybe we’re related……so she used old Christmas lighting.  It looks like she’s right on the Harbor doesn’t it? 


Speaking of that skilled hubs…..would you look at what he made!  Criminy!  This is EXACTLY what I want in my garage……well I’d actually like it in my home, but no room and I’m trying……..TRYING to create a mud room in my garage.  This looks horrible in her home…….she should really just give it to me……I’m only about 3 hours away, I could come pick it up.


I think her husband is just trying to keep up with her………She decorated her children’s bedrooms so dang cute.  And talk about detail.  I would never do that.  One thing I’m learning about myself as I almost complete my 3 rd year in writing this blog……I AM A LAZY CRAFTER!  There I said it.  Besides……how in the heck would you do that scallop shape?

Ellisons Scallops - Finished - 3

Because she’s smart and resourceful………..This is how.  A dinner plate.


Just a glimpse into her children’s play room.  I’ve always thought the wire to hang art work was such a great idea.


Here! Here is a great idea……doesn’t look too hard.  So cool.  She found this oar and added the numbers. 

2009_10_04_IMG_8089           She shows a full tutorial on her site…….these are just a few of the photos.  She used some cool transfer paper……..2009_10_04_IMG_8029 That certainly looks simple enough………2009_10_04_IMG_8044


then she painted it.  I could totally do that.

2009_10_04_IMG_8054 Wait…….I know you’re ready to head over to her blog to tell her how Kim at TCB featured her and how nice I was and all……..but wait!  Look at this table below.  She helped decorate for a wedding.  These are just canning jars.  I think I may steal this idea for my Thanksgiving table…….I am really really going simple this year.  Kraft paper as my table cloth and all……I got the idea from Country Living Mag this month.  So totally doing that with this.lots of jars - apartment therapy Enjoy! 


Winners for the last two giveaways have been contacted!

Tomorrow is Get Your Craft On Tuesday.  Come back and link your latest crafty project.  You may as well show off a bit, don’t you think?


Tanya said...

she is crazy...and i like it. amazing!

Anonymous said...

Oh dang. Her blog was so full of great ideas that my already expanding "To Do" list just got bigger. :)

Jimson Lee said...

Hi Kim, ok, I'll help you. Here is a present for you to absolutely FASSSSTT to get that Halloween splendor in YOUR home:

A free RAVEN template / stencil...

Love it??
:-) (You are welcome)

Then, when you 've finished applying that raven everywhere, check back to my blog for other free Halloween stencils, decorations and other craft ideas.

Have a nice day.
(borrowoing somone else's google account to be able to leave ya a message)

Melissa Lester said...

I need one of those storage units for my mudroom, and I need a mudroom too. That built-in looks better than ones you see in catalogs, and it was probably less expensive and better made!

Karla said...

Kim - thanks so much for featuring me! What a great surprise! :)

You're funny! I like it! My husband likes it too! You had us both laughing!

Thanks again!!

~Karla @ It's The Little Things...

Liz said...

Ok, this post cracked me up. And I LOVE Karla's blog, thanks for sharing!

AnNicole @ OurSuburbanCottage said...

Love that Karla! I'm so glad you featured her.

Anonymous said...

Love Karla's blog, great choice!! Her decorating for fall and Halloween was so tasteful and amazing!

t said...

Love the candles at the wedding tables. So sweet. Can't wait to see your Thanksgiving table. It's going to be awesome. Hope your guests are amply appreciative.

Jamie said...

Great blog! She is oozing with creativness!

Carmen Wilson said...

Love her creativity...wonder if she rents out her husband? lol!!!

Eileen said...

I really like that Harvest decor out front. I think I will try something like that this season. Love the bats on the wall!