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Monday, September 28, 2009


Melissa is one of those classically trained artists.  A graphic designer by trade, she loves all things creative.  She dabbles in a bit of everything and uses her eye for design to play, create, and fill her soul.

IS.LY (I Still Love You)

Of course what caught my eye right away, was this shirt she cut up into pieces.  Seems to be a lot of that going on lately…….re-purposing clothing.  _dsc0648_dsc0705I love the ruffles and then adding the daisy……perfection.

She shows you several ways to re-vamp something…..switch it up, make it work.  She took this dress that doesn’t look like much……..but added her own touch and…….



TaDa!  Isn’t she cute? 


She makes up her own stuff…….tutorials, patterns……..where ever her inspiration takes her.  Lots more fabric stuff on her blog.


She did a cool thing lately where she would ask people their favorite color, likes and dislikes…….with this information, she would then create something for them.    

This was for someone who loved Red and Zebra’s. 

_dsc0004sm _dsc0010sm Or for another person she designed this cute little tissue holder._dsc0017It is almost that time again isn’t it?_dsc0012I’m loving what she did for her Labor Day party.  She wanted to keep it simple and not spend money on decorations.  _dsc0369Is she brilliant or what?  Holy Moly….love it when it looks this good and it’s not so “pre-bought” looking.  Beautiful._dsc0375

She also planned a party for her daughters first birthday.  Even things got too hectic to send out the invites, she still shows us what she planned…..(lots of templates on her blog too)_dsc0516smEven without the invites, the party was a success.  Yellow was her theme……a color……not a character.  Love that.  See….you really don’t have to have Elmo for a 1st BD party._dsc0408sm Sometimes you just gotta think outside the box……Cute face!picture-4-781x1024   And this idea……….LOVE IT!  Use old jars, drill a hole in the lid……..OMGOSH!  Love that.   


Because she’s all over the place with her talent…….she shows you a tutorial on glass etching.  I really really need to try this.  What a great inexpensive gift for the holidays. Speaking of gifts…….she’s a whiz at booking binding and has a tutorial on her site.  


In addition to tutorials, she has a few freebies.  I don’t know what we like more……freebies, or tutorials?



Great stuff.  Get ready to get inspired.  Don’t forget to leave her a comment…….purdy please.


Tomorrow is Get Your Craft On Tuesday.  This is your chance to shine.  Post your link…….as many as you want….old ones, new ones………post them on my MckLinky.

I’m also looking for halloween ideas.  Got any?  Send them my way.


mel said...

Her dress is beautiful and that kleenex case is too cute.

Kristen, The Pajama Mama said...

love her style-it just oozes in her to check her out now...

Melissa {is•ly} said...

Thank you for the totally rad feature!!