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Sunday, August 16, 2009


Maria from Living in Lewis Land left me a comment that made me giggle and almost choke on my Venti Shaken Iced Green Tea……no classic, 3 splenda…….yes 3.  I like it sweet.

Her comment said

”Once I put my baby to nap
I came across this camera strap   
If I were to win it from your blog
I'd be happy as hog! :)"
Thank you for all your creative inspiration. “

Happy as a hog!  Loved that.  And she should be happy as a hog because not only is she head over hills about being a mommy and oh so cute about it………she has now won a darling camera strap from Shey [B].

While there I had a moment to poke around……..She’s gutsy. IMG_0802 She took a sterling silver set and decoupaged it.  That takes nerve.  But look at it.  It’s darling!  Very very cute. IMG_1530She has a knack for taking something and making it just that much better.  She painted her daughters lady bug sand box……so cute.  So much better. You gotta go see.

Having a new little one in the house……’ll have to read her adoption story………amazing! 800px-Zackenschere-7070 Anywhoooooooo…. instead of using paper towels, wet wipes, etc….for all those small spills or cleaning up dirty faces and hands…….she decided to cut up a few flannel baby blankets in napkin size squares.  wBrilliant!  What a great way to cut back on waste.


Thank you all for entering. Better luck next Friday! 

Edited to add:  I received this lovely letter from Maria this morning after letting her know she won!  She made MY Monday morning.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Oh and who said Mondays are horrible?  Well, maybe I did after a rough night with fussy baby. But your little email and post just turned that right around.  (And my English teacher told me that my schmaltzy poetry might only be appreciated by Hallmark.  I might have to send her a picture of my new camera strap. :)

Thank you Kim, I'm so filled with gratitude.  You know how sometimes you just need a little tiny sign that things are going to be okay? provided me with that and more. 

You're site is one of the first I found in blogland and the one I resonate most with.  You're writing is delightful, smart and witty and I completely appreciate the tour of sites I've been exposed to through your highlights. 

I recently realized that being plugged into my creativity is not only a luxury, but a necessity.  With my camera ever-present, this awesome new camera strap will be a daily reminder of that realization. 

I'm typically a silent stalker in the blogosphere, but I'm so glad to have thrown my name in the hat in this round.

Thank you, once again,

Maria <><


Thank you to Kara for sponsoring this post and helping me afford my Iced green teas….with 3 splenda……don’t judge.


Kara’s Cupcake~Unique handmade onesies


Anonymous said...

Very neat, thanks for sharing.


Madison said...

Aw man maybe I will win it next Friday!! Anyway the poem thing is BRILLIANT!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Maria! With a cute poem like that, she totally deserved to win. :)

nicolette said...

Amazing transformation. The sterling silver looked faded, but they look amazing after some work.


Maria in Lewisland said...

Wow. You are just filled to the rim with goodness. Thanks again. You're one "in-touch" gal.

Maria <><

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Congrats to Maria! With a cute poem...The sterling silver looked faded, but they look amazing after some work.....
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