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Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Purple Pea

I found The Purple Pea through our Chic Chick Media Widget. This widget may put my blog out of commission….it’s got way more cool blogs than TCB. Shush your mouth! But can the widget get sassy like me? No! No it can’t.

The Purple Pea joined our widget on July 5th and has received almost 600 hits! Where else could she gain almost 600 visits for only $5.95 a month? Seriously. If you are trying to gain some extra exposure for your blog, etsy or website, go sign up. We at Chic Chick were getting asked……..several times a day actually to help promote this or that. And as nice as we all are, and as much as we want to support women……it just isn’t possible to post all requests. We came up with the widget at an affordable price to help you gain the exposure you need.

That’s also why I started doing Giveaways on Fridays! If you’ve got something to give away, please send an email my way for review. Products need to be at least $20 in value.

OK, on to the stuff you really love. Kristina has all the stuff that makes me drool! Like all her Goodwill finds! You know there’s a special place in heaven for gals who can repurpose something.

This old radio…..again, even I would have walked right past it. Looks like she got it to work too……she loves listening to NPR…….WAIT! She’s from Texas……isn’t that an Oxy Moron? Oh Stop it! You know I’m teasing. If you can’t take a joke, then please go ahead and send me a nasty email……haven’t had one in a while. Like her…. I love NPR………I wonder if she listens to Science Friday with Ira? 3597215981_94f3b93e993598029408_69d6d71917

She has more re-do’s than all the projects in my mind. Another that has never crossed my mind………is making a kitty bed out of an old suit case. 3723930205_a8fdccb821 I love old suit cases and even have 3 I use as an end table……..but a kitty bed? I wonder if my kitty would use it? I have an orange kitty like hers….Peaches. Cute. Just because she shows this project as a tutorial step by step……..does not mean I’m going to make one…….I just want one already done.

This project was SO popular that someone actually had the nerve to use her photos and claim it as theirs. A real Copy Cat………no pun intended. GASP! Can you believe it? So if you see this on another blog, it’s not their project………’s Kristina’s. Talk about bad karma.

3723933185_f4eb0e0f00 Time to RAT them out…..Pun intended.

You know what us bargain shoppers have in common? We just can’t stop ourselves in sharing what we found and we usually have to blurt out the price. Some people might think that’s tacky, but not us……we are proud, all our finds are like jewels in our bargain crown. Like this photo below. See all the orange circles? 3691269400_c1922d57dbThose are all items found at Goodwill. I bet you’re sorry you haven’t been…..wait………if you’re reading this blog, then you probably have………just in case you didn’t know……..there are actually people out there who have NEVER been to a Goodwill…………..or The Dollar Store for that matter. I know! My SIL is one of those. In fact she has this gorgeous platter I have admired for awhile. Lo and behold I found it at a yardsale for $1!!!!!!!!!! ONE DOLLAR! I could hardly contain myself from blurting it out when I saw her next……..I waited about 5 min. If looks could kill…..actually I would have been dead a long time ago. :)

Because I can never get enough snooping of other craft rooms…….I love this wall color!3692481074_c2c5a1779d

desk-cabinets Edited to add: (OK, Kristina just emailed me and let me know that this photo above was actually her inspriation photo she used to decorate her room.......Dang she's good. I was fooled.......but I must admit I was confused by the initials. This room is actually Made By Girl. Another fabulous blogger.)

She made this cute thing for her closet. She shows a blow by blow tutorial. 3689928727_05890455943691057095_3ec5ab1ede Kristina jumps on every craft wagon…….she is not afraid of anything…… recovering stuff.

3626792648_4096d505d2She took this bench and re-did it…….I love her color scheme………I need to head back to her blog for some more snooping. Is it still snooping if they put it on their blog?

I didn’t think so………


Have fun at her blog! Please don’t forget to leave her a comment! Also, don’t forget about the giveaway……scroll down. It ends Sunday at 5pm Pacific time.


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Stephanie said...

that is a great site! thanks for sharing, I love this blog!

Calamity Anne said...

I'm one of those people who haven't been to Goodwill. Guess it's time to check it out!

Kelleigh said...

A woman after my own heart. LOVE the garage sale and Goodwill finds!

Kristina with a K said...

Thank you so very much for the feature! I am tickled pink!

Maman Tattoo said...

Thanks a lot for sharing! I'm gonna follow her for sure

Anonymous said...

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Jackie said...

The MBG shot is inspirational. I love that the table support is a filing cabinet. Great to be able to have your patterns, drawings etc so close to hand.