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Friday, May 15, 2009

Craft Fail & Dollar Store Crafts!

I know what you're thinking...........that I didn't post everyday this week.........well in my defense I was having blogger issues. I had my post started, uploaded all the photos........took the dog out to pee........wrote the PTA Newsletter...........played Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook..........worked some more on my post.........well tried anyway because Blogger wasn't letting me move the photos around. GRRRR. By 6:30pm I gave up........threw in the I didn't post everyday I thought..........who cares........what are ya gonna do, fire me? Cuz I'll just keep coming back........hopefully you will too. :)

So today I noticed the same issue, but I'm not going to let it derail me. I am just going to leave the photos in the order they landed and I'll just act like I'm on a come with me........we're going to visit Craft Fail...........and Dollar Store Crafts. You know how I love bargains! (she's a busy gal......she also runs CROQZine) She has a TON of ideas. Some very very simple that you could throw together in a flash for those times when you need something STAT for the this soap idea. What a way to personalize a bar of soap........perfect for any event you're having......You might not want to use a pirate tattoo for a bridal shower though.

But on Craft Fail........she shows what happens when you add too much of one color.......cheddar cheese soap...........or it at least looks like cheddar cheese.

We've all had our share of failed irritating isn't it? Well now you have a place to share your failures too. You may as well get a few pats on the back.........the effort was the same in making it right?This is so cool! She teaches you how to make these beads out of plastic Pop bottles! SHUT UP! You know how excited I get when people recycle. Which I heard from a few of you in Utah.......and that you DO recycle.......WHOOO HOOO........My goal is to get curbside recycling for all in a part of their garbage pick up........included in their bill. In fact she's quiet obsessed with making things out of plastic.......she says we already all know that you can make shrinky dinks from a certain number plastic...........I didn't know that! Love the crafty blogs. She does however show up a shrinky dink project gone bad..... It looked like it was going to be pretty cool.On Dollar Store are some curling ribbon coasters. These look pretty cool, but I can tell you right now.....this looks like it takes patience.......that is not something I am gifted with. Not in the craft dept anyway. More Dollar Store Crafts...........a tote made from a place mat. Apparently you can make shorts from a dish towel too.......But I suggest measuring first so you don't end up on Craft Fail. This just makes me howl!
If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know how much I love me a topiary. I don't care if their fake...........but a marshmallow Peep one may be too much for me. But it was worth a we know. Craft Fail.
Why not make everyone think you're crazy......or maybe just a free spirit.........Heck they're only a dollar.........stick stuffed animals to your head phones. If we all did that, then we'd know we were fellow blog readers! It could be our little way of being in our own special group.

She gets a bit crafty with her food prep. I actually like this. I think it's really cute.

One day she thought she would try her hand at making some cute the shape of cookies.......she even took them to an event with other mom's...........who kindly pointed out that they look like boobies......Craft Fail.........but she was able to add another color and somehow salvaged them........

Soap making..........pretty simple.........I actually think it's pretty cool she was able to make this scene......she's pretty talented to be able to make a nuclear blast soap. Craft Fail. I love it.

Make sure you grab something cool to drink and maybe have a snack and arm's're going to be there for awhile.


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J. Cochran said...

Very clever ideas! I love recycling, too. If you can figure out something smart to make out of phonebooks let me know because I hate them! LOL!

Tami (Pixeltrash) said...

Oh, that craft fail is hilarious. I love it! Thanks for the link. I'm off to check out the Dollar Store one. I already do tons of dollar store crafts, so I'm excited to see what is on that one!

Traci said...

I read about your frustrations when trying to post pictures in blogger. When I started my blog a couple of months ago, I hated posting pictures because they were always in the wrong order and it took forever. I read on a blog about Windows Live Writer, and it is the coolest thing ever. I can post in half the time and I can do all kinds of cool things with my pictures. Have you heard of it? You have been doing this way longer than I have, so please forgive me if I have offended you. You may have heard about it years ago...I don't know. Your blog looks awesome anyway, but I just thought I would mention it.

Linda said...

I need to ask you a question - i think i saw this on your site. I am looking for a blog where the person hung their completed scrapbook pages from a curtain rod in their scrap room. Does this sound familier? I am trying to explain it to someone and of course a picture is worth a thousand words. If you can help me please email me the blog page. Thank you

Kim - said...

Linda, it was Layla Koncar's blog.

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

That is stinkin HILARIOUS! And my oh my...have I had my share of CRAFT FAILS. I'm off to check out that link. I need some good luaghs.


Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

Now I don't feel so badly about my craft fails...
And I'm loving those ribbon coasters!

Mrs. Jones said...

Putting tattoos on soap?! What a brilliant idea!


Heather - - said...

Thanks for featuring me! Not all the projects on Dollar Store Crafts & CraftFail are mine. I always give credit where it's due, so check the posts you linked to to find out the original authors (the ones that aren't me: recycled plastic beads, shrinky dink fail, curling ribbon coasters, placemat totes, peeps tree, stuffie earphones, boobie cookies). Thanks again for this awesome post, I am so thrilled and honored! :)


Sandy Toes said...

Very neat idea!!! I don't have patience for the curling ribbon coasters either!!!
sandy toe

Tiffany Hewlett said...

My kind of crafts-and oh I didn't know we could post our failures! I would need a whole new blog! hee hee! Thanks for the link~

Lady Pamela said...

What a HOOT! Definitely made me chuckle this morning. Thanks.

Andi @ udandi and the craft of money said...

I love DSC because Heather is always highlighting others' projects in addition to her own :)