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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

pup video - grace violet giveaway - and a thank you.

Thanks so much for the well wishes...........I am happy to say that after coating my nose in zicam several times, drinking EmergenCs and chicken with rice soup.........I woke up feeling pretty good. Then I accidentally took what I call my fish pill (omega 3s..bla bla bla) on an empty stomach. Let's just say..........DON'T DO THAT! After taking a couple of tums a couple of hours later and about 20 min before teaching step I was able to get through my classes.........burping fish while teaching step...........not ever a good thing.

No new feature today..........not that I don't have a ton in my FFF, but my time is limited, so I'll direct you to a new video of the pups.
And Kristin with Grace Violet (a past feature) is having a giveaway.


Kelly said...

It's is funny the things we do when we don't want to get sick. Must be a woman thing. Hope you are quickly feeling great! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Mama Krit said...

glad your feeling better! Hope the fish burps stop soon! :) you're too funny!

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Glad you're feeling better! Havin' fun tweetin' with ya.

Cheryl said...

lol....burping fish, that was so funny! I really enjoy your blog, I check it several times a day for new and exciting blogs to check out :-)

Tara said...

LOL...burping FISH! EWWW....i remember when i used to teach step class and had a few times where i thought i wasn't going to make it from OVER eating before i got there...not a good feeling...especially FISH!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

Fish burps - Gross! Hope you get to feeling better!

Lacy said...

I just read about Fish burps in a magazine today!!!! Is that always with Omega 3 and I am interested in your ideas for weight loss and cardio combo. I read that the fish oil will help with weight loss too. I just know your a fitness guru and would like some guidance. Im desperate to loose 20 pounds!! Help Kim.

DanainDFW said...

I had that problem with fish oil, too, but recently bought some at Sam's Club that is specially coated to prevent those fishy burps! Now, I don't take any drugs on an empty stomach, but taken with food, this has been much easier to stomach. (pun intended)