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Monday, January 5, 2009

Organize in Style ~ Krista Colvin

Hola Chica's...........I really don't know where that came from........maybe I am just wishing I was visiting my friend Treva in Mexico.....
OK, are you feelin it? Are you hankerin for an organized nest? (what's with me droppin my "g's".......who do I think I am? Sarah Palin? must be all the snow we've had)

Seriously though.......aren't we ready to get organized? This time of year brings a renewed energy for grabbing ahold of those reins and getting busy.

I've had this gal in my FFF (future feature file) for a long time. Believe it or not, we are neighbors.............believe it or not, I don't know her. But, I have heard her name. My chiropractor and dear friend asked if I knew I heard her name there...........and then when I went to one of the Barn House sales, the barnhouse boys asked me if I knew that's twice. We're practically best friends now.
I'm sure we've walked past each other in our little sleepy town.........I'm surprised we haven't bumped into each other at Camas Antiques.

I really should know scraproom should really know her. But then she may not want to be my friend if she saw my scraproom. :)

Krista is an organization specialist. Her blog Organize in Style has great ideas! She helps people get organized. I love her tips. Simple, logical and helpful. She has other websites if you need more. The O Myth, really a radio program.
If you still need a little bit more, she also has a website called SheBang where you can download organizational templates or join a monthly newsletter. She's a mom, she gets us..........but I still don't think she's ready for my scraproom.
Love how her ideas are something I can actually see myself doing. Like this dinner helper idea......A child picks from the jar the chore they "can" help with. So much easier than telling the kids what to do.
I also love her 5 minutes to fabulous 5 minutes? Match your mates.

She's got some pretty visuals to keep us interested also makes organizing much more fun.
And on her SheBang section.........meal planning ideas. God love her.

Krista's a bit of a dynamo..........she is all over the place. TV, Radio, Newspaper............and she's close to my neighborhood? I hope I get to meet her someday.
Ok Chica' I said, it's time to grab those reins and take control. You'll feel so much better.
Go leave Krista a nice comment, tell her I sent you..........if she gets alot of comments, then maybe she'll think that I'm a dynamo too. :)
Shealynn the camera slip cover girl has a TON of scrapbooking stuff she's selling. Lots of die cuts, etc. Interested? Leave her a message on her blog.


gigharborscrapper said...

She was at the 24/7 Moms convention. I went to her talk and it helped me do a little more organizing but I need a LOT of help!

rebeccashapiroart said...

Thanks for featuring Krista. She's a wonderful member of Ladies Who Launch in Portland. We love her!

Tanya said...

oh my goodness i need this woman's ideas in my life! thank you thank you!

Holly said...

OK, HATE her! Anyone who can actually match pairs of socks in their home would choke if she saw my house! And the "chore jar"... Brilliant! Thank you very much. Lucky you to have a neighbor like that... I highly suggest meeting her! LOL

Anonymous said...

Perfect for me this week as I'm busting into '09 organizing like the crazy woman that I am...
Thanks :)

kecia said...

Love Camas Antique store!

Kelly said...

Maybe she will just come live with us...

Songbirdtiff said...

I found you again! I don't know what happened but at some point I lost some of my subscriptions and I guess yours was one of them. I was at SITS and saw your link so I hopped right on over. I can't wait to see what this organizing guru has up her sleeve.

Pamela Posch said...

This girl is fantastic!!!! I'm off to get more ideas from her!

Thanks Kim, Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

ok... YOU are officially my favorite new blogger + neighbor for that matter! My stats are all crazy- i gasped *truly* when i looked at them today :0

cheers to all your readers + i'm looking forward to playing with all of you this year. remember my motto- people over perfection!

did i say THANK YOU because i've been doin' a big ol' happy dance... and a a sincere thank you, thank you, thank you to you!

Julie said...

Wow..what great ideas...I cant wait to look over her site more. Oh and I love your blog too! I just saw your blinkie on the Hybrid Kid and had to check you out. Its great! I added your blinkie to my blog!

Kim Layton said...

The meal planner looks so neat it makes me want to plan! :)