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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tweetie Pie Baby

You know what I love? Besides tutorials.................I love it when a women can take their creative side to figure out a way to generate an income so they can be home with the babies. In an ideal world, all babies would have their mothers with them all day long...........which means in an ideal world we would all be creative like this girl. Dang she's good.

Tweetie Pie Baby.......sound familiar? She was one of the generous donors for the Nie Auction. She donated one of her baby carriers.

These are darling. Cute Amy Butler-ish that navy blue baby Bjorn I had.

I can't believe her and her mother make these. They first started with a website. Beautiful website too..........What a give to have that talent AND what a gift for any new mom.

She is thrifty too. She MADE these owl prints after she saw the expensive version painted. What a great idea. I think paper piecing will be making it's way back. She placed these in her baby girls room............and she added these vines. I totally thought it was a vinyl appliqua.......Nope..........she painted them. Very cute. Another great idea.

Then to totally show off..........I tend to pick a lot of those.........she took a cake decorating class and started decorating cakes like THIS. Isn't that beautiful?

And cupcakes........OK you cupcake makin do you get the frosting to be all fluffy and swirly like that? All I have ever done was smear frosting over the's not pretty people. Heck half the time, they don't even get frosted.Have fun.......her blog is kind of new......go leave her some TCB smooches.

edited to add: I just took a peek at her site to see if she was getting any nice nudges from my fabulous TCB readers...........(one of my favorite things to do) NONE! What's up with that? I am holding your creative fix more features until she gets at least 10 comments. :)


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Craft Junkie said...

How awesome is she?!?! Another winner, always find the best of the best.

Now, going to show some love. *smile*

quitecontrary1977 said...

Some people have all th talent!

Wednesday is Link Day on my blog so come by and link this or any post you'd like!

Jessica said...

love this.........

don't know if you post on here stuff from reader's you haven't talked about, but i'm having a little giveaway for a precious little boy or girl.. . . .check it out. ..


Tanya said...

oh my goodness she is one of my favorites!

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Wow- there are some talented ladies out there!!

Love this blog!Thanks

Heather said...

Oh I love that cake!

Jingle said...

Pipe the frosting on with a pastry bag or just a plastic bag with the corner snipped in a pinch! It makes it look great!

Cassie said...

She is awesome! And a great friend too!!

She's Crafty/What The said...

love the cupcakes. super cute!
"She's Crafty"

Jodie Allen said...

super cute baby wraps! totally asking for a new one for christmas!

LuLu said...

Wonderfully talented! I am going to get a complex (I feel so untalented!!) :o)

jjohnson said...

She is great (and my sister-in-law)! I just happened to run into your blog through hers, I love your idea of recognizing people! I'm so glad that there are positive people out there spreading some good news. Thanks!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Another inspiring blog!

I want to know how all these people manage to ice their cupcakes like that as well! When you find out - please let me know!