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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Plum Pudding

Hello my pretties...........if you follow my personal blog, then you know that I am doing the happy dance today mixed in with a little roger rabbit!
But what also makes me happy is the creative creativeness of Plum Pudding! I keep thinking that I featured her before, but I don't think I did. She doesn't have my featured button.......that's the real reason I have that.
Just when I think I can't see anything new, I see it. That's the beauty of being creative. You can apply it to anything. Reminds me of the famous question "What is Art?"
Megan is one of those super mom's............if you're having one of those days, you may want to wait til tomorrow to read this............but wait.........actually she may inspire you. It's not about being perfect. It's about your children many different types of experiences......still..........she's pretty perfect in the getting your kids away from the TV. I bet she doesn't have a TV. WHAT? No Oprah?
Not all of her craft adventures are frame-able.........this one is down right messy. You compulsive cleaners out there will need to stick your neurosis in your back pocket for this one. I'm 99.9% sure that my husband never got to do this as a child. Shaving Cream. Kids love this. I remember being a good mom and letting my son do this on his art easel.......I even added colors to it.......outside of course.
While were on love anything they can make a mess with. It's not a mess to them, it's learning. I did the rice thing with my son..........I used a large sand box. The sweeping got a little tedious or stepping on rice wasn't so fun. But my son loved it. I don't recommend using beans.........perfect for the nose.
And it certainly helps to have hard wood floors for this project.
This is an idea I am going to try soon! Why it never occurred to me to try a lettuce spinner. Duh! I had never bought one of those paint spinners........they just looked too cheap and I wasn't paying full price.

End result.........ART, you can actually hang! Would you look at that. I love the fact that she recycles products and makes use with her kids artsy stuff. Brilliant! It's not hard, you can see's all about looking at things with a different eye.
This is one of the first things I saw when I placed her in my FFF file (future feature file) These re purposed jars! They are just peanut butter jars. How many of these have you thrown away? Never again. But the ribbon through the top really seals it for me. You could even go a step further and create some fancy labels. I think she did that with another project using her children's drawings............. Of course she did. :)

OK, the most creative I ever got with cereal boxes was making towers. Would you look at this. Again.........not terribly difficult. Something we could do with out much cursing.......especially since the kids would be involved. I think I remember her having the template for those cute little ducklings.This one my son will be all over. He has begged for me to buy this stuff. And I have to admit......I am a terrible mom. I have never bought my son Sculpey clay. There I said it! I've bought other stuff.....but not this. Love how these turned out. My son would probably wear that........More Sculpey clay fun. I actually made fake fossils like this with some cornstarch formula. This looks much easier. Imprints of anything from nature is always a great lesson. If you're from Oregon, you must visit the John Day Fossil beds. Amazing place. We came back with a box of can dig behind the highschool in Fossil.........of course.Another great idea.......instead of throwing away those milk jugs. Create a storage place. While she was doing a home school project on China.............I know..........I'm feeling inferior too.........but we can catch up...........she incorporated Fortune cookies with messages inside. I think my favorite.........did I already say that? Well, they're all my favorite or I wouldn't have picked them to me on my blog.

But this mobile made out of garbage! Love the color, the shapes...........really she should write a book.

And don't think for a minute that I missed these chairs. LOVE THEM! Megan has the perfect site for anyone looking for children's activities.......and you will probably already have all the supplies needed if you just look around your home.

Go rub her down with some TCB love.

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Angie said...

Just want to say that I love the blogs and "people" that you introduce me too! Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

Megan said...

Thanks, Kim! I appreciate your comments. I, too, love being introduced to all the wonderfully creative people you find. Keep it up!

diane @ said...

What a great site, Kim!
I was looking up some crafty sites and found plum pudding and now yours.
Thanks for putting so many great sites in one place. I've already got you bookmarked.

meg duerksen said...

wow kim...two great posts in a row. i can't keep all up with all these great blogs you find for me.

Craft Junkie said...

This makes me almost wish that my girls weren't grown...ALMOST! LOL And hey, some of these are great ideas for us big kids, too. *smile*

You find the bestest people and blogs. I am in awe.

Michelle@Everyday Celebrating said...

wow. I'm totally blown away. I have a 2 year old and now I just want to devote a whole Saturday to doing all of these things!!!! Thanks

p.s. come check out my 5 minute chocolate mug cake! Great to do with kids!

Melissa Lester said...

As a fitness instructor, would you frown on me eating a whole jar of peanut butter to get to the craft? Cute feature!

* TONYA * said...

Wow, I love her blog, thanks for introducing her to us :)

Tanya said...

i am so going to do some of these things with my kids!