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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No.73 ~ UpperCase Living

No.73 - UpperCase Living

Oh, I do love all this vinyl! Torreh from UpperCase Living donated this package worth just about $50. I have known Torreh for a few years anyway and I have even ordered from her. I haven't posted my project yet, but I will on my other blog.........when I have time. :)

Love - 12 x 8.75 in Vintage Bordeaux Fall Winter Catalog pg. 32 $8.95 value

I love Torreh and I was thrilled when she emailed me to let me know she wanted to be in on this.

Welcome - 16x4 in Berry Red. Fall/Winter Catalog pg. 95 $8.95 valueShe chose these designs as she felt they were appropriate to the cause. I'm loving that Welcome one. I may have to order that too.

3. The Ornaments of a House are the Friends Who Frequent It - 10x10 in Matte Black Fall/Winter Catalog pg. 16 $19.95 value
If you're new to the whole vinyl thing, the possibilities are endless. You can place them on a wall, a window, a many options. Torreh will also include an installation tool, installation instructions and a copy of the Fall/Winter Catalog/Idea Book.

Starting bid is starting in the bargain basement. $30 Ends Thursday 9-18 at 5 pm pacific time.


trishia said...

love these... I can already see them on my poor bare walls in my new house!


Bonnie said...

I'm in at $35

becca said...

I bid $40

Bonnie said...

$42 for me

Hipmomofboyz said...

I'll bid $50.00

tspwlv said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you all like the package. Keep bidding for Nie!

Bonnie said...

I'll bid $52

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Bonnie WON! No more BIDS

Bonnie said...

PayPal DONE. Thank you, Kim!!!!!!!!! It has been a pleasure bidding and helping out at the same time.

tspwlv said...

Thanks Bonnie and thanks Kim. I'll send this out as soon as Kim sends m the info. Bonnie, I hope you enjoy.