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Monday, September 15, 2008

No.50~ Romantic Home

And I am no where near the end. Please alert all your friends about this auction.

Cindy from My Romantic Home is donating this amazing wreath she made! Just so you know, she's is also a past feature of mine. :)

I am not typically a sea shell kind of girl............but this has me re-thinking that. I love this.You can hang it, or just place it somewhere. Beautiful. You need it don't you?
Please scroll down and read the auction rules.
Let's start the bidding at $25. $25 for a wreath is great.........$25 for a handmade wreath is amazing.........$25 for a handmade wreath that was donated for the recovery of Stephanie and her husband is unbelievable!
ends Wed, 9-17 at 5pm pacific time.


Kendra said...

I will bid $30 on this beautiful wreath!

Colleen said...

$35!!! This is perfect for my master bathroom!! I love seashells :)

Colleen said...

I forgot my email.
brodony0123 AT

Susie Q said...

$50...this is glorious and thank you to sweet Cindy for this donation!


priya said...

$75 i <3 this!!!

lisagh said...

I bid $80

Joy said...

I love it... and I live by the Sea... so it belongs here... *grin*


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...


Joy said...

woooohooooo yahoooo