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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No.30! ~ Lacy in the Sky

***item closed***
Oh my gosh! This is adorable. So many cute things for babies, but you know I don't see why I couldn't wear this too. I am constantly getting stains on my shirts, this may help.
Lovin this.
Lacy from Lacy in the Sky......another cute name.......she makes these. Another crafty sewing type. She is donating 2 items. A bib and a burpie.

Please state what you are bidding on. The BIB or the BURPIE. I don't have a photo of the burpie, but come know it's going to be cute. And speaking of cute........this girl is a little hotty. So cute. I used to look like her. :)
Starting bid for the bib........say that 5 times. $5
Starting bid for the burpie $5
Ends Friday, 9/12/08 5pm


Becky said...

Miso want this, I'll bid $5

Becky said...

Bib, duh moment

Lacey in the Sky said...

Haha you are so funny! Thank you for the lovely compliment... I feel like i should take you on a date now!

Jessica said...

i saw this:

and thought of you!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Jessica, I saw that too and I am totally getting it. I saw it about 2 weeks ago. Isn't it stunning? I have to have it. So funny you thought of me. LOL

grammatrish said...

i'll bid 10.00 for the bib