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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Look for more Sunday

WOW! We are bidding fools! Thank you!
I am taking tomorrow to catch up. I've been so busy with my non-blogging life that I haven't had time to catch up on who's winning what. If you have won an auction, please pay via paypal to You can send a receipt of payment the person who donated the item as well as me.......and you're good to go.
Everyone has been awesome! Thanks again for making this so successful.


bj said...

Hi, paypal pmt. of $65.00 for item No. 28 (heart peg from lavender hill) has been made. I just forwarded a copy to you and to Penny. You should receive an email from PayPal, as well.
Any problems, email me at
Thanks for doing all this,

Melinda said...

Hi Kim, my paypal was also sent for $65 for item no. 32 the Queen of Everything apron. I forwarded you a copy of the confirmation from PayPal. Carol's link wouldn't come up for me so i'll need you to either provide me her info or forward her the confirmation of payment. My e-mail included my address etc. Thanks! Melinda Curtis

Melissa Wertz said...

Do we wait until we hear from you to go to paypal to pay, or do we do this on our own? What about shipping?