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Monday, September 8, 2008

Auction item No.11 ~ Ribbonwood Cottage

AUCTION IS CLOSED FOR THIS ITEMThere's more! Lots more. Please make sure to keep checking in. I am typing, cut and pasting as fast I can.

Item No. 11 is a wonderful item that is significant to women. Before scrapbooking, women used to gather around to quilt. So much time and patience goes into making these beautiful pieces of art.........kind of like a mother is with her children. I have been thinking about how Stephanie mothered her children. Although I have never met her, she seems to enjoy every aspect of mothering. I can't imagine the worry she may have for her children while she lays in that hospital bed while she recovers.
This is the message I receive from Debbie when I put my feelers out there for doing an auction.

"Hi Kim, I'd love to donate two quilt/wall hangings. I so appreciate you doing this. Hopefully people will realize that blogging is like being a good neighbor, we all pitch in when a neighbor needs help. Who knows what can happen when a group of determined woman decide to do something! BLOGAID! I'll mention this on my blog too. Thank you, Debbie Booth
Couldn't have said it better Debbie. Thank-you! You'll have to visit Debbie at her blog, Ribbonwood Cottage. She has some amazing candle re-do's.
Debbie has offered 2 quilt hangings for her donation. What a wonderful offering. Thank you!
When bidding, please state what number of quilt you are bidding on.
1. Quilt #1 ~ Darling autumn quilt that you can hang. So many ways to decorate with this. I'm not sure of the size, but wouldn't it be beautiful as a table cloth too? Starting bid $20
Quilt No. 2 ~ A more traditional quilt hanging look. Starting bid $20

Rules for the auction:
1. Place your bid in the comments section. Please include your email address if your comment does not link back to your blog.
2. Winner will be the last bid before auction closes. Most auctions will remain open for 48 hours.
3. Winner will donate and pay directly to paypal using I will send you information as to where you will need to send a confirmation receipt.
4. Your item will be sent directly to you from the person donating the item.

1 comment:

Nancy Sabina said...

I'll bid $25 for Quilt #1.