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Friday, September 12, 2008

ATTENTION Winners! And Future Winners!

It's getting crazy in here! Stop the streamers for a second....We have raised at total of $870 as of 3:58 pm this afternoon. That's not counting the auctions ending today at 5pm. WOW!
Now what I need from the winners, is to pay your winning bid directly to then send me a receipt of payment. Send to Please state on your paypal payment what it's for. Thank you!


Melissa Wertz said...

That is awesome!

bj said...

Please let me know if i am the winning bidder on No. 28. When I get this info, I will send payment of $65.00 thru Paypal.
thanks, bj

aimee said...

I sent payment to nienie fund and a reciept to your email on Friday for item #27. Let me know if you didn't recieve the email I will resend. Thanks!~Aimee