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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another past feature giveaway.

Dianne from The Desparate of my past features is having a give away. go go go go.
Are you a past feature? Are you having a giveaway? Let me know and I'll shout it out.
Also, don't miss the post about 4 Reluctant Entertainers's down there........scroll down.

8 comments: said...

I am not a past feature, but I AM having a giveaway on my blog. I would love for you to announce it, if you do that. if not, I understand. I couldn't find how to email you so i just posted on here! feel free to delete this comment!

Anonymous said...

Yikes....I am definately not a past feature, but I am having a destashing giveaway!?!?!?
Could get lost on your site forever!! LOVE it!!

Erin said...

Have been a reader of you wonderful site since the beginning ... I'm also not a past feature but I thought I'd throw my name into the hat as someone having a giveaway too - and maybe I could become a feature, who knows!? :)


elizabeth engelhardt creations said...

Looks like fun stuff she's giving away...I hope I win!!

Vanessa said...

I'm not a past feature either, but it seems to be give away time! I'm celebrating my one year blog birthday with a give away!

Brittany Iverson said...

Hey Kim,

I need help! I made a blinkie for my blog but can't figure out how to put the code beneath it as you have done. Do you mind sharing? Thanks a million!


Anonymous said...

I love finding great sites on your blog... I am having a GIVE~AWAY starting today thru Sunday on my blog! ~Jen

les_mason_curt said...

I am not a past feature, but i love your blog. I am having a give-a-way starting August 1 with another blog... Maybe you can give a shout out for Kiki & Lele Hand-crafted Jewelry, or maybe we can be featured too!!!!! I would so die... love, love your blog. You can go to to check our blog and our ETSY shop has a link too...