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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4 Reluctant Entertainers

Summer has not been good for my blogging. Since school let out on the 17th, we have only been home for 6 days! That is shocking to me! But I guess that explains my lazy blogging.........If I had that Apple laptop, I could blog from the road.
Summer..........I love Summer. I always feel the need to pack everything in. I've been in the mood to entertain..........Lord only knows why.........since my house is a disaster.

Sandy's site 4 Reluctant Entertainers, is the reason. It's her fault that I'm in the mood to invite thousands of people over.........well maybe just 10. She makes it look so easy and I love her style. She actually lives in Oregon too! Boy I tell ya, these NW gals are talented.......must be all the fresh air. (simmer down girls......not that gals in your area aren't talented too) I'll be breathing some of the same fresh air sometime this month as I roam around her the Southern section of Oregon when I visit her neck of the woods.
As I was saying.........I love her style. If she was just a bit closer..........heck if all of you were closer.
This woman has more passion than Danielle Steel. She exudes passion for her life, her husband and her children. In fact, her and her husband co-wrote a book on marriage. She shares a lot of tips throughout her blog on simple ways to connect to your spouse. She also shares SO MANY tips on entertaining. Sandy has come up with her 10 commandments of entertaining. I am actually starting to think I could pull something off..........even with my messy house.
I am loving her outdoor space. I could easily relax there, couldn't you?

Cute and simple ideas to create a welcoming environment is her specialty. She also keeps a budget in that.Great recipes all throughout her site. And great ideas on what to serve. That's where I really get stuck......what do you serve people when they come over? Sandy to the rescue!This woman throws SO many get togethers for her children and their friends. Any excuse or reason to throw a party. I hope her children know how lucky they are.........I'm sure they do. I have a feeling she's the fun mom on the block.The real reason I am featuring Sandy is for her red door! You know I go weak in the knees for a red door! Do you have a red door? If so, I want to see it!Summer is the perfect time to gather a few friends and host a party..........or if that word scares you, call it a get together. If you visit the 4 Reluctant Entertainers, you will be more than ready......or you'll at least fool yourself into thinking you may actually be able to pull this off. Go for it!


Kristin said...

Just for the picture of that food I am heading right over! I have no idea what it is, but it looks delicious!

Monkey Giggles said...

excellent choice. I have been reader her blog for awhile. She has lots of good stuff going on over there.

Holly said...

:-) Has she helped you finish up that outdoor room? I'll bet after this, I'm going to want to get mine together too! and I love her red door!!!!! Thanks Kim!

Amy said...

I love red doors too! I'm going to head on over and check her out just for that! Someday, I too will have a red door! :)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Oh, I just love Sandy's enthusiasm for entertaining. She does inspire us all to open up the doors a lot more to having people over.


Anonymous said...

I normally just read here but had to post since my blog is also called TheRedDoor LOL.
Love this blog and all the others you share!
Thanks for all your hard work, especially in the summertime :D

Gayle said...

Here's one of my favorite blog reads. Wait till you see the name of it!

Stephanie said...

I'm definitely going to check her out. I am always looking for easy ways to entertain and food to serve. Anything other than the normal stand by BBQ...boring! Thanks for this feature!

Michelle said...

A woman after my own heart!!!!
Creating celebrations out of everyday life! Fabulous! Thanks for featuring her!


Connie said...

She has definitely encouraged me to entertain at my home instead of going out to eat with friends. I never considered myself a great entertainer but she's given me a few easy ideas and I have a nice backyard to use. I have some great recipes(my mom and my relatives love to cook and eat). Tonight we are having a celebration for my youngest son who is heading off to college in a week. :( All due to Sandy at Reluctant Entertainer.