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Monday, June 30, 2008

Magpie Ethel

Hello everyone! I'm home! I had a relaxing week visiting my sister in Utah. Spent a lot of time by the pool, shopped a tiny bit..........and um.....spent time in the pool. I am rested and ready to go.

In celebration of flying back into beautiful Portland Oregon, it's only right that my feature today is a gal from my stompin grounds. I wonder if we've passed each other in Trader Joe's? Or perhaps a thrift store or yard sale? I still think it would be great to gather all of us creative NW bloggers for a fun afternoon.
Magpie Ethel is the queen of collectors. It looks like Laurie favors anything vintage, especially if it has anything to do with a holiday and she's so good at showing us all her treasures. She will even tell us every now and again how much she paid. Because you know you like knowing that..........that's part of the moment that we're most proud know.........when we can say that we bought something for that rock bottom price.
She is all over the Estate Sales in the Portland area. I need to pay attention. That's really one area that I haven't been able to tackle. I'm usually teaching Friday mornings and that's when the serious shoppers go. She even went to Farm Chicks! I couldn't go........but I wanted to. I'm so jealous. Love love love her kitchen. So much charm. None of these new kitchens can beat a well loved kitchen like this. This is when I miss my old Mt. Tabor home..........even though my kitchen was hideous.......but you know the potential was there.Then of course what really grabbed me today was the yard. I've been working on my outside patio /outdoor room. It's coming together. Would you look at those hydrangea's! I'm ready for my invite to come enjoy an iced tea.What's up with these spoiled people and these amazing crafty areas? This is her studio........her craft hide away. WOW! Think of the fun we could have in there.

Every week she has found something new to show us. This past weekend she found these amazing plastic dishes! I love those. Especially the cake stand.........or maybe the long oval one that you can check out on her blog.Laurie has a fun site full of inspiration for those of you that like to decorate with re purposed items.........or maybe you have that collector bug. Thanks Laurie for all ideas!


elizabeth engelhardt creations said...

Yea, your back....I missed you while you were gone!!

Laurie's stuff looks really good. I am on way over to check it out some more!!

Lacy said...

I am so happy your back...I was happy for you, but sad for me when I kept seeing June 21 at the top of your page. You deserve a break and I am truely glad you had a great time.

muralimanohar said...

Welcome back!! Sounds fun, lounging around a pool all day, lol!

Your feature....she has a hideaway?? Man...jealous!! A wee little building all her own???

Stephanie said...

Welcome back! I didn't know you were in Portland. I guess I could have figured that out had I done a little digging. My aunt lives there (in Lake Oswego) and I was just up there in November. I love it up there :)

Mod Girl said...

Looking forward to exploring this blog! I dig the cake stands, and the hydrangea's, and vintage kitchen stove complete with the poppin' green teapot!

debsea said...

magpie ethel is my hero, so glad you featured her!