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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sassy Rooster

It's been a busy day around here ladies. I hit a neighborhood yard sale and found a few goodies. Mostly excited about a 3 tiered fountain I bought for $15! It will be posted on my personal blog soon.

Sassy Rooster
Arlene contacted me about to get in the groove. Clicking on her site, I can tell right away we are dealing with a over talented creative person who obviously doesn't know that she is ............special. Cute cute header. You know what I mean........I mean you have creative like me.......and then you have creative like Arlene. It's like those women who look like Miss America and have no idea their pretty. Or the women who are size 4 and have no idea how small they are..........grrrrr.

She's got amazing talent, I can't wait to see what else she's going to post.

You can tell her house is darling, but there are no photos of her home on her blog ...........yet. Her blog is new. Give her time. Plus she probably doesn't even realize that we would want to see it..........we do! We do! I bet if we hound her and bombard her with comments, she may get that digital camera busy and show us some love.

LOOK! Look at these darling brooms she paints! I have never seen anything like it before...............Yes, yes I've seen a broom before.......even though it may not look like it in my kitchen.........but I meant those brooms.
And she's a graphic designer who designed these labels for a bread sack gift she's doing. She does some big craft fair, so she's getting ready now. Those are darling. What a great idea.......she even gave us the recipe on her site.

Even though her site is new, I can tell it's going to be one of those really really good ones. She's going to continue to make me drool.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Vanessa said...

Just visited Sassy Rooster. Those brooms are too cute!

Tearz said...

I'm loving the bread mixes.

Stephanie said...

I can't wait to check her out. I love new blogs because they make me feel right at home :)

elizabeth engelhardt creations said...

I do think her things are absolutely adorable. I like the signs that go with the brooms!

Claire said...

Hi I'm Claire, reader and first time poster. Love your site, btw!

The bread sacks are adorable!

Ramona said...

Complete cutie~pie~ness! I really like this blog bunches and bunches.
Wonderful fun!

Smiles ~

Julieann said...

Love the brooms--and the bread mixes--how creative:)


Anonymous said...

i had a blast checking out her "archives" she is too fab!
i love the idea of the I Spy bag
you hit the nail on the head here...thanks for sharing xo