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Friday, May 16, 2008

Let the sales begin

I can't sit at this computer today. It's finally nice here! 95 degrees nice!
I hit a few yard sales today on my way exciting and kind of weird too. You can read more on my personal site. Scrap To My Lu
I found this cute pot for my outdoor room........paid too much for it. $1.50 But you could tell the people were the type that thought their stuff was so valuable. I am on my way to Freddy's for a flat of petunias.....only $9.99
Baseball tonight..........shaved ice is for dinner.


pumpkin seed said...

I've hit a few garage sales the oast couple of weekends. I ended up getting soem pretty good deals and I'm contemplating going again tomorrow--EEEEEEEEE!
By the way, just curious if you're having ACTUAL shaved ice for dinner/ Is it like, literally shaved ice or am I the only one who doesn't eat ice for dinner?? : )

aimee said...

Cute pot! I hear you about the people that think their junk is gold. 90% of the sales here are like that. I've pretty much given up on yard sales and just hit the thrift stores where the stuff ends up. I loved your story about Leopard Leotard Lady on your other blog. LOL!!!!

treva dea said...

Where are you getting shaved ice? Noho on Sandy? Are you getting ice cream under it? Condensed milk on top? Coconut shavings? Oh man, I might get out of bed for that.....

Kristin said...

Sounds like a perfect Saturday! Cute pot!

Meghan said...

I so want to go yard sailing but it such a pita with the little man!

Shaved ice?
Shaved ice?

Do you mean Water Ice?

Must be a regional thing!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your nice warm weather. Congrats on the "snooty women's club" mention. Your self-portrait looks great. Such a different look without the curls-lol.

Hope you have a great week!

Songbirdtiff said...

I hope you had great luck shopping Saturday!

Lauren Z said...

Cute pot! Yeah- I hate those sales that people are trying to re-coup 95% of what they paid for a item 5 years ago.... but those are usualy the places that have what I want. But every now and then you find a place that makes up for it (like the williams & Sonoma canisters for 25 cents each I got one time!)

Jessica said...

i've been by 2 or 3 times today to get some inspiration . . ..

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Too funny! You are worth $1.50!

M ^..^