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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Just Treva

No new blog post today, but I did want to steer you back in the direction of my dear friend Treva. I featured her when I first started TCB. We used to have coffee almost every Friday. She used to take my classes and unknowingly put on her own show. We miss her. Treva is a probably the most non-judgemental, free spirit I have ever met. Treva is Treva, a true non-conformist.
She is known around the PDX area for her amazing jewelery, (I have that necklace above....the larger circle) but once you spend time with her, you quickly realize her artistic talent moves into many different mediums. She paints, she sews, she writes poetry, her artistic eye is all her own. Just living is art to her. She is the only one that can pull off having red and wine colored walls in the same room.
Treva and her family have decided to move from their amazing home. They are moving to Mexico. They are waiting for their home to be built and in the mean time, she is staying with her sister in Texas. She's going crazy. CRAZY! So, if you're looking for a fun blog to read daily, never knowing where she'll take you.......head over to Treva's.


vana chupp said...

amazing stuff! I just love their house in Mexico...How cook is that garden on the front.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

The orange house is the house in Portland. I should have posted photos of their house in Mexico. You can actually see them from a link on her site.

les_mason_curt said...

I love, love, love your blog and I follow it daily! Keep up the great work. You are a great inspiration. Also, do you pick your features randomly?

Leslee P.

treva dea said...

Dooooode, thanks for the shout out! hehehe! Astrid and I are learning geography from the visitors to the site. LOVE YOU!!!