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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!
This was taken of my girlfriend and scrapbook partner in crime, Valerie.....aka Gig Harbor Scrapper at a crop we went to a couple of years ago. I thought maybe some of you non scrappers would like to see what a crop looks like.
Even if you can't escape for a full day of playing with paper, I hope you can at least carve a few minutes to play with something creative today.

Not sure if you know this, but I don't get to scrap today...........oh? I've already mentioned that before? Are you sure?
BUT! I do get to make the card for the event today. I must get busy. But first...... I thought I would share with you my very first layout.....EVER! Look at the lovely display of the famous "sneeze" technique.........and of course the lack of nice looking journaling. I actually just ended up adding the journaling years later and just scribbled where ever I had room. So see, it really doesn't matter in the end what it looks like, the memories are still the same.
As you can see.........or hopefully anyway, I have cleaned up my act. Or I just discovered how to scraplift. I like a lot of white space, clean lines and I always journal now, either on the back or on the layout. This soccer one was actually made for a 12x12 frame for a coach gift.

This one is my all time fav! Love the laughing face of my son, love the white space and the colors.
I also only do one page layouts anymore...........I don't know why, but I cram as many photos on a page as I can. I also usually use white, black or kraft cardstock. Don't know why.

I am trying to get my search button at the bottom to work so you can search for what you want here at TCB. Why do I have a search button? Well, I know I come off as being super organized, ....LOL.......but occasionally I can't remember if I already featured someone and I need to search. And that search button way down there isn't working for me........ It won't work, but maybe that's some weird blogger rule. I don't know. So would you please check it for me? Type anything and search. Pretty please? Did it work?
Oh, one more thing. I want to remind you and pat myself on the back that I posted everyday this week. M-F and now Sat! So please check out all the features this week. Fun stuff.


Michelle B said...

happy scapbook day! Also my birthday weekend! Lucky me! Birthdays and scrapbooking can't get much better than that. Love your blog! said...

great job on 5 posts this week!

i have no idea how to help you with your search button.

your layouts are cute too.
i didn't get any scrapping done on NSD. bummer.
have a great sunday!

Donna said...

The search worked for me. I typed in "photography" and got a bunch of relavent posts!

Kathleen Summers said...

Ok, that is just so awesome that you put your very first LO on here. "Sneeze", LOL! I love your current pages - thanks for sharing!!


gigharborscrapper said...

I remember having such a great time together. It feels like that was the last time we saw each other, what a bummer. I have done 6 pages this weekend but it would have been so much more fun if you had been here.

steph said...

I love your very first scrapbook page ever. It looks very familiar...lots of stickers, etc. We didn't have all the cool things back then that we have now though.

Summers Camp said...

And I didn't even scrap today! I did craft, though... *B

Lea said...

I didn't scrap on scarbooking day, but i feel incredibly inspired now after seeing the first birthday picture. It's my son's first birthday on Friday, and i think that something similar would make a special first birthday present. So thank you for that lol :)

Take care,
Lea x

muralimanohar said...

Search worked for me..took me both to Google, and within TCB, depending which I clicked. And both in a separate window.

I really like that layout with all the pictures on one page...makes so much more sense to me! lol

Crazy Daisy said...

I love love love your pages. The colors and layouts are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Making MM made an apology and removed Shabro from their site.
I am hoping that you too did not know the details of the sitation and are willing to make a statement by doing the same. Unfortunately you too are yet another victim of Ms. Shabro's.

Julie said...

Wow! Kim, I just found your blog. What a cute design, and what a fun blog!! I was wondering how one might be featured? Do you randomly pick them, or do you take requests? I have a blog I'd love to have featured on your blog! I'd love to hear from you: or

cpeep said...

Search worked fine. I find on blogger that I can search my own page ONCE and after that sometimes it gets stupid.

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anniebee said...

love this work. very inspiring.