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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our Green Globe

Our Green Globe is written by a friend of mine. I actually know real life, not just blog life.
Funny how we have our blog friends and our IRL friends.......wouldn't it be great to have a big Today's Creative Blog conference? But it could be a Vintage Flea Market........OH YEA!
Teri, the blog owner of Our Green Globe is a beautiful girl. Of course she lives in Oregon... I met her years ago when our boys were babies. She used to take my classes pretty regularly, but life happens and schedules change, so I hadn't seen her for awhile. When I did run into her, she was telling me about this jewelry designer she is working with and marketing......Ananya Studio......fair trade jewelry helping women around the globe. She has big dreams and follows through. She's always up to something. The jewelry is pretty nice too. We also both discovered that we are bloggers! So of course I have to feature hers. She has a wonderful blog that is all about being green. She features several other green blogs with creative ideas, clothing, products. She really does think globally and it makes me think that I really should be doing more.

Her blog is full of a variety of things, you never know where she'll take you. This above photo is from a site that will take part of your old favorite t-shirt and re-purpose it for......say.......a baby t-shirt. Cute! What a great idea. This has me thinking about all the other items you could make with your older clothing.......notice I said think.......because we all know I don't sew. But I can think.

We've been admiring stones since.........well the stone age........but I haven't seen anything like this before. Teri found the artist and featured her on her site. You'll have to visit to see more.And who can resist these baby booties? Are these not the cutest little shoes you have ever seen? I am thinking they would come complete with that great crackle sound that babies would like too.

I told Teri I have the best blog readers EVER, so go prove it to her and visit may as well leave a comment too. Oh, the best part........she has a link for you to click if you're interested in being featured. Wouldn't that be great if I did that? She's much more organized than me.


The Barber Bunch said...

Another Good One!



Joy said...

Oh my goodness - the booties!

teri said...

thanks for the great write up! I am so flattered to be featured. Keep up the good work of bringing all these creative ideas to so many people. teri

Charmingdesigns said...

These are the cutest little shoes!! Laurie

Misc. Muse said...

cute shoes- I want the directions. ( : Lynda