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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jackie Land!

Jackie Land is full of gasping eye candy and great adventures. She lives in beautiful Colorado where she has been able to find the most rewarding shots. She also has a photography site for more viewing.Jacquelyn Lee Photography.......WOW! You know it's girls like this that either make you really jealous, or really inspire you. She's both for me. As most of you know, I received my first fancy pants camera for Christmas. I have taken one class and I only own one lens, so I am limping along trying to take amazing shots.......just trying to learn something everyday about my camera and my skills. Seeing shots like Jackie's makes me giddy. She has so many shots of things we might just walk by. But she sees the beauty in the simplest thing and makes it an amazing piece of art...........I'm just happy to set my ISO correctly.
Jackie's mom is Teresa. I'm sure some of you know Teresa. She's that warm, beautiful, lovin life woman from Texas. I love her.......she always leaves me the most heart felt comments........the girl has got the gift to gab and I would love to be her neighbor, her shopping partner, her friend. I am sure she's the kind of friend you have belly laughs with it was no surprise to see this daughter of hers with so much talent. She obviously has her mothers zest for life.

These photos are so simple, so beautiful. I saw some of these berries on a bush on the side of the road. I thought about picking some for my table arrangement, but dang..........I didn't think to photograph them. I love it when you look at things differently because of someone else's view. Isn't that what art is about?She has such a talent for photographing animals. The colors are perfect. I can imagine this would be precious to any dog owner of their baby. I love it when someone takes a funky chair or sofa and arranges their subjects on it for a great photo op.........but I have never seen one with a dog. This is beautiful. The blue carpet, the green chair the color of butter on the walls, they all compliment that cute little pup.You know how I love a red door. She has organized her site into categories. The Vintage series, the Nature Series and the Alpha Series. These doors are from the Vintage series..........Stop it........I can hear you thinking "duh Kim, we knew that." This one.........THIS the most amazing shot EVER! I want to know what lens she used. And because she has an Etsy shop........just started one....... I also love all the alphabet photos. What a great gift for anyone. Everyone loves the letter of their name. Can't go wrong there.

Thank you Jackie for your view through the lens. I know I will be a better photographer because of it.

OK, TCB what you do best.


Kristin said...

You're right; she does make me jealous and inspired at the same time. I LOVE the berries photo, and her etsy shop is great. I think its so cool that her alphabet collection comes in 10x10; for some reason I really like squares!

DebMc said...

I'm enjoying your blog. I think the whining and jealousy are my favorite parts. LOL! Thanks for highlighting interesting blogs for us.

Simply Stork said...

a wonderful post yet again...she is wonderful :o)


Ann said...

Oh you're right, those pics of things we might just pass by and take for granted were made beautiful by the shots of an artist. It is a gift... I believe one must have the eye to make such simple things look wonderful...

It is inspiring.

Jenny said...

I love her photography!

liz said...

just love your blog!
I have your blinkie on my blog!

Charlotte said...

My Romantic Home has become one of my favorite blogs to visit. I was delighted when I saw that it wa featured on your blog. This is such a neat idea.
I just put the blinkie on my blog. I'll be back to visit.

diana @ please sir said...

Just discovered your blog - wonderful! Love those photographs too!