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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Carol Eldridge ~ From the Nest

Look what I found! Carol Eldridge........From the Nest. Yes another nest. Carol is an artist..........well of course she is, or she wouldn't be featured here right? But she actually designs stuff to be used commercially.Like Ellen Crimi Trent, who I featured a few months ago. Carol designed all the art work for all that've probably seen it in a store somewhere. I still get floored when I meet someone who designs the art work for products that I would buy. It makes me feel so important to think that I "know" them. :)
Carol's style is very's very Mary Engelbreit meets the seashore. I hope she knows that's a compliment.

Carol is a real sweety, her blog is full of hospitality. Right now she has lots of Valentines Day ideas..........I'm gonna need all the help I can get. Valentines Day always seems to get over shadowed by my son's birthday.........I guess it's better than the other way around.

Carol lives in New England..........How I would LOVE to visit! Sounds so storybookish. You can really see the influence of the seashore in her work. She has an adorable home, that I would love to see more of.

Carol spends alot time sketching her ideas. She is inspired by so many simple things around her. She has travled the world..........a lot more places than me that's for sure.........and she has come away from each trip full of inspiration for her next design.Like this...........she saw this mushroom on one of her trips...... and low and behold, she made these cute little mushrooms. CUTE!Continuing with the polka dot theme, she created these adorable little nests with eggs. How did she paint those?Ahhhh, that's how. How clever of her. Now I have to admit that I am guilty of looking at photos on blogs and not always reading what there about. So when I came across this one, I thought "hmmm, now that's an odd decoration" then I read about how she used this cone tree to paint the smart! More cute Valentines Day decorations.......she shows a great tutorial. I'm thinking I could actually sew these.One of her designs was made into this rug. How cool is that? Can you imagine standing in your have a friend over for coffee and when they compliment you on the rug you're standing could actually say "Oh this? I designed these Strawberries." And then your friend would say " NO WAY!" and you would say "WAY!"

I'm thinking I need to find me some of these. Aren't they adorable? She designed them.

I found this really interesting. This is her booth at a trade show. This is where it all happens folks. This is where the big boys are deciding on what kind of paper plates they think we want. We want Carol! We Want Carol! How fun would that be? I want that job........I want to choose what art to use where. Another woman living an ideal life............she gets paid to do her crafty thing..........she's got a boat named after her........she lives in New England............she travels the world. If she wasn't so cute......I would be really really jealous. Ooops, am I whining?

In my best Simon Cowell accent............OK off you go. Don't forget to leave her a comment. You know how much you love comments right? Me too..............hint hint. :)

Still no spell check? Arg! If you see a typo, but can figure out what I'm saying..........then ignore it. Go with the flow.


Signature Vintage said...

Sounds so interesting!!1 Off to visit Carol now!!!

Janet said...

Love that yellow house...too, too cute.

Courtney said...

I just discovered your it! and these last couple of paragraphs had me laughing. :-)

Cecilia Mills said...

Awesome Blog! Fun and very creative!

Sherry said...

What a light and colourful post Kim!! Carol's work is delightful and I'm with you -- it would be so cool to say "oh I designed that" -- and my friends be agog with wonder!!! Another great find for us!! thanks!!

Heidi ( said...

How cool for you to discover this great artist and share with us all! Her work is delightful, makes me want a vacation on the beach somewhere! Love it...going to Carol's blog now!!
Everyday Cookies

Lisa said...

Lots of fun stuff. Everything is so creative and colorful. Just makes you smile.

Anonymous said...

oooh aaaah! I am so intrigued. Thanks for finding such great blogs.

Have a great weekend!

~Rhonda from Minnesota

Jennifer P. said...

When can I have one of those Freaky Friday episodes happen to me and get to change places with one of these gals? I would love to eat off something I drew. In fact I'm off to draw something on a paper plate right now :)!!!

The Nester said...

All I needed to see was the outside of her house to know that I was madly in love with this woman.

Those mushrooms! I didn't know they were like that in real life! I thought the smurfs invented mushrooms that looked like that.

Oh, and she even has cute legs.

I surely hate this woman in the nicest way!!

tspwlv said...

Here's another one for you:

You never said they had to be in English, right?

Saucy said...

Dropping by your blog on a daily basis is what I find myself doing now, just to be directed to find something really, really cute! Thanks!

Megan said...

Love Her!! Those mushrooms are too adorable! I may have to steal her egg idea. I've recently aquired an affenity for all things birdie and blue... :)

Oh, and remember, those of us who are REAL fans, don't think you whine, and even if we did, we would love it about you too!

Mamma Millan said...

Hello what a lovely blogg you have!!! So mny nice things!!!

I love to create to, scrap, cards , painting ...and so on!!

Hugs from a Swedish scrapper!!!

kawaii crafter said...

those mushrooms are too cute, thanks for sharing

Jennifer Paganelli said...

I love Caril..she's amazing and lives the sweet life..such a kind sweet glad you featured her here...You know I'm crazy about your blog...Great weekend Kim..Hugs, Jennifer

Ravenhill said...

You have a wonderful blog going here! Wow! However do you find such masses of talented crafters? I am particularly enamoured with the polka dotted eggs!