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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Superhero Designs

When I first started discovering blogs, Andrea's was one of my firsts. Superhero Designs. Her artsy lifestyle, her passion for life, her willingness to put it out matter what it was, her ability to be herself......all of it. I just soaked it up. I've been a long time reader and find myself checking back a few times a week to see how things are going. I have come to love her son like a family member, and I have a feeling that most of her readers feel the same way. We all followed Andrea and her husband on their journey of trying to get pregnant........getting pregnant.........having Ben..........
Would you look at that baby? I can just about feel that cheek
and now the journey of motherhood. I find myself recognizing so many of those past feelings of being a new mom. So many of her "Ben" stories remind me of my Lu. It's always a nice visit to her blog.
Andrea is a full scope artist. She sells the most amazing necklaces. We'll get to more of those in a min.

She also takes the most amazing photographs.........and guess what? A lot of those photos are taken with the SAME CAMERA THAT I HAVE!!!
Sorry, I didn't mean to scream. But I just get so excited thinking that my photos...........MINE.......can look like hers someday. Yea yea..........I know........she has a much more artistic eye than me........but come on people, it's a start.
Not only can you hire her, but she also sells a few of her prints.

Boy, this Andrea is a one woman show........with the coolest logo ever! She has T's, baby Ts and others. I may have to get one of these.

She's has the coolest names for her necklaces......if I was a good blogger, I would have remembered all of them so I could post the names with the photos........but you all know how I am around anything shiny. I lose my head. But you can find all of them on her blog, on the Superhero main site. She has cool superhero circles you click on. Way better than a video game.

I think this one below is called JOY.

Andrea seems to have such a fun life. She has a pack of girlfriends she can be goofy or serious with. So many people in her life are of the artistic persuasion, that it's fun to see what they all do for fun. I find myself living through some of her adventures vicariously. I love the NW, but not a lot happening in my little suburb of Portland. I guess I could go into the city.........but that would mean I'd have to put a bra on and I'd be out past my bedtime. I'll just read her blog for excitement. Even though she feels so unexciting in her first year of motherhood. You are SO not boring Andrea.This cracks me up.

And so does this below. Sweet Ben.

And this photo............WOW! I would love to take photos like that someday.

I'm sure a lot of you probably already know the Superhero site, but if you don't, then hop over and check it out. Send sweet Ben a kiss.


megan said...

I love Andrea, and most of her girly friends, too.

I'm so happy I found your site! Decorating, and being creative are passions of mine, and I have had a hard time finding like minded peoples... till now!

So far, I've read back to the 2nd nester, now I have to continue.


Jennifer P. said...

These artsy-fartsy ones are my favorite! I was just looking for cool baby t-s--now I gotta go buy one!

Give it a little time and I'm sure your photos will be rockin' too! If you have a photo eye like your creative blog eye, of COURSE they will.....

Tammy said...

Wow she is surely a very talented lady.

Jenny said...

She sure does have some great photographs!

kim brimhall said...

i love LOVE your site. im headed to check out superhero site the photos!

emily said...

LOVE your sites! So fun and a great idea!

Laura said...

That last shot was priceless!