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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nesting Place

Nest Hopping! That's what we're doing......hopping from one nest to another. Have you noticed a trend with so many great decorators? Nest is somewhere in their title. It automatically places me in a peaceful place.
~Nesting Place~
This nest is fairly new on the block, just starting her blog last October. I loved her from her first comment on one of my blogs. She is funny, smart, sarcastic..........just my kind of girl. Not to mention, she is thrifty! Like so many of my features, I am sorry this girl..................I keep calling her "this girl" because I don't know her name........and I can't find her email to verify she has one.......I just know her as The Nester now. I am sorry this girl doesn't live on my block. I'm positive we would stir up some trouble somewhere.

Ok, on to the beautiful photos!
This makes me fall in love with her completely! A door on the wall? Oh My Gosh! I love that! Think of the other possibilities...........Brilliant! And not to mention the colors of this room. Beautiful.

This is her old house............HER dream home. Sadly they had to move. This is the before.............the before? What's wrong with it? I love it...but wait...............Now look at the beauty? Va va voom! The girls got vision. WOW! I would have never seen that. Incredible.........I'm speechless.She is a total do it yourself kind of gal. She decided one day to learn to sew so she could change her bedroom. This is so grown up........I could sleep there, couldn't you? In fact I may never get up.Oh wait, I would get up to lay on this amazingly beautiful couch...........Look at the fabric. Oh......yes, the child is beautiful too............but really it's the couch we want to see. We're ruthless aren't we?

Here's another partial view of the couch with a lovely wall ensemble behind it.......Dang that book is in the way........Yes, yes..........another darling cute child. What's up with taking photos of kids? :) (sarcastic..........see? We're a match made in heaven)

OK, OK, it's clear she loves her family and her priorities are probably in the right place........but come on........these photos of her family are blocking our view of important house decorating. Excuse me sir.........can you step to the side please? Ahh, here's a lovely corner. She says she loves a gold frame, even if she's been told they are out.........I like them too. Who? Who says that? And she likes to use a lot of mirrors instead of a painting..........she's not committed to anything this way. Is she brilliant or what?Another lovely corner. That iron grate? She found it for a ridiculous low price at a garage sale. It's actually a good thing I wasn't with her, cuz I'm sure I would have wrestled her for it.Another solution to great wall the simplicity of all white. I also love her use of the shelf sconces.This was her mantle over the holidays. Dang! And you know how I love me a fake topiary. I WAS can never have too many. I should have bought that one I saw last week.The same mantle.........different look. What's so strange is that I am looking for shutters to go over my fireplace! I really am! I have one of those TV holes above mine that I want to cover up.......CUTE! This just confirms my decision.And it's not just her that can decorate in her family. This is her sister's kitchen. This is an AFTER. You'll have to visit her site for the before.

So fly on over and pay her a visit. You won't be sorry!


Tara said...

Some people have such talent..I love that we are all sharing our home decor, it's neat to take a peek...and i agree, those nice people gotta move outta da way!

Jennifer P. said...

This is just how I would decorate my THIRD house :)! The exterior before and after is so gorgeous! I'd love to know if she thought that up herself or used an architect.....and then how could she leave it?! Guess I'll have to hop on over to her site and see if I can get me some answers---and more peopleless pictures.

tspwlv said...

Oh wow how gorgeous!!! Good thing no one told me gold frames are out. I have a GINORMOUS one hanging in my teeny tiny bathroom.

Janet said...

I am on my way, thanks!
Janet @ housepeepers

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

I *heart* The Nester!

Designing her blog was somethin' scary. She has amazing taste.

I'm flying her across the country to help deco my house.

-Darcy from LWM3B and Graphically Designing

Jenny said...

I love the black cabinets in the kitchen, and the shutters over the fireplace...shame I don't have a fireplace...or wood cabinets to paint.

The Nester said...


I am so totally uncool! AHHHHHHHH!
I don't have my speech ready or anything. AHHHHHHHHHHH! I have no idea how to be classy or collected in a situation like this. AHHHHHHHHH!
Thanks for allowing such a baby in this blog world to be featured. I am waaaay too happy about this!

And, my name's not on my blog on purpose because I'm the only one in America with my name so, I go by The Nester.

Heart YOU!

The Nester said...

I will be posting a photo of my toile sectional sofa within a few hours. said...

i think i have a new favorite kim.
you always help me find some one new.
hope you have an easy thursday for a change.

Kelly said...

Kim, You are so funny! I love how you say EXACTLY what I'm thinking when I look at the pictures myself....darn those people are in the way of the pretty house....move! Ha! Thanks for bringing us all such a WONDERFUL service of seeing other people's blogs. You're kind of like a blog critic (like a movie critic is). I look forward to see who you feature everyday and if I like them too, I add them to my "favorites" list. I LOVE this blog because I LOVE her style! Thank you for sharing her with us and I'll pop over there to check her out. Keep up the good work. We depend on ya!!


Crockpot Lady said...

oh what a beautiful home. All these large older homes are making me want to move! breathtaking.

Andrea said...

Love the nester. Been there and will continue to go back to visit. Love her style and her toile couch!!!!

The Romantic Portuguese Daughter said...

Do you think she could come to my house? I so need the help...LOL!
Wow is all I can say.


chickadee said...

oh i love her. i so want her to come decorate my house.

Melynda Tetpon said...

I spent over an hour reading through her blog. She is uber creative. Thanks for leading me to her blog.

Debe said...

Girl!!! You just keep doing it!! Findly such interesting people and their blogs!! My Google Reader is going to explode one day and it will be all YOUR fault! Love both of those 'nest' ladies!!!

Mrs. Jones said...

I feel the need to paint after seeing her blog. Thanks Kim!

julie (jane's apron) said...

I LOVE painted brick houses...very few people do it because your are "not supposed to". I am so happy when I see people doing what they want with their homes. Thanks for sharing!

Liz said...

Wow. She is so inspiring. I had no idea painted brick could look so GOOD!

Anonymous said...

I love the Nesting Place, but I only recently discovered her. And here I am today, discovering you! I am creatively challenged, I think, and sometimes stuck in the rut. So this is perfect - I am out to buy living room furniture this month, so I need all the inspiration I can possibly get!

I put your button on my blog. Thanks for sharing!


krista r said...

I so love this house-it makes me feel so unsatisified though with my own!!!!! It's so fun to get a sneak peak into others private places who have a knack at decorating!

Julie said...

All the amazing fireplace mantels you feature ... wish I had one to decorate as a focal point. Thanks for your hilarious sense of humor to go with all these super cool features. Love it!

Mrs. Fussy Fussypants said...

I just discovered her!

Total future Martha/bloggy Rock Star!