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Monday, December 17, 2007

Tonya & Co.

During this busy time of year, I hope you all take a moment to really soak up the little moments that capture those unexpected holiday memories.

Lately I've been pun intended.........focused on photography. I am crossing everything I can think of hoping my dear husband will surprise me with a Canon Rebel XTi....even though I know it's not going to happen........but a girl can wish. I would love to learn more about using an SLR to.

So of course I was drawn to Tonya's photos at Tonya & Co. She's got the most adorable models to experiment with. Her photos tell a story.........I feel like I was there, or that I know her. The moments are real. I love that.
Can't you just feel those hot baby cheeks? Picking a baby up after a nap, their cheeks are so supple! I love me a hot baby cheek. (can you image the Google searches on that one? I used Supple, and Hot Cheeks in the same sentence)
I love the excitement she captured as the leaves were falling.........and I just love how they are frozen in the air. The vintage look always gets me too.
Not a care in the world.........You can tell she is very confident in her choice of clothing.

The plastic high heels are a staple in the Tonya household. The angle on this is perfect. Just a reminder to get down low. Love how you can see real life.........the unmatched high heels, and how the others diaper is sticking out......but who cares when you're wearing those silver heels. It's all about the shoes and they have learned it at a very early age. Such a sweet I'm sure Tonya will pull out to show future boyfriends.

The lighting, the all of that.The vintage aged look stole my heart here. And of course the sweet little hands with the "I really love you" on them. This is beautiful.

She has a lot more ideas on her blog. I love the'll see.........just go and look. I had to stop myself from posting it here. Great idea.

I also noticed she had me listed in her blog list! SMOOCH!

Tonya & Co.


Tonya said...

I am so excited...touched...flattered...and thankful that featured me here! I feel so blessed that the simple moments of my life makes others smile! Thank you so much for all your compliments...they were recieved with much appreciation!

Get that will not regret it!

Thanks so much...


Gena said...

Yay!! Tonya is on Creative Blogs!!!!! EXCITING and SO DESERVED! :) :)

Amy said...

wow...those photos are amazing..i'm off to look at her blog...thanks KIm

Kam said...

Tonya's talent is not only resplendant, but she is truly a kind and good person too! Congrats- T! This is what we would call blogger bliss! ;) HOORAY FOR YOU!!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Her work is gorgeous! Another great find!

capello said...

LOVE her photography.

gah, so need to work on that myself.

Jen r. said...

Beautiful photography! Great blog find!
Jen R

LoveCrafting said...

You've hit another home run with this one! Her work is really *so* beautiful. She has that "eye" we all wish we had, right?

Good luck on getting that Rebel for never know...

restyled home said...

Pictures of beautiful children...done well? Always a great thing! This lady has talent, but also seems to know what will make a great shot!


Kari & Kijsa said...

love these photos- ooh we are having a little camera envy ourselves- beginning the hunt for such fabulous photo-taking machines!! Off to see the chair!

kari & kijsa

NancyJones said...

HOLY COW to be able to take photos like that TOTALLY AMAAAAZZZIIINGGG!

grover said...

I love the perspective of the photos, some unexpected angles...awesome! said...

Love the photo of the little girl with the falling leaves. Beautiful!!!