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Monday, November 5, 2007

Mrs. Jones!

Me and Mrs. Jones.........I couldn't resist.

OK, I hope you're prepared gasp a little. Heather has lots and lots of wonderful things on her blog. I had to stop myself grabbing photos to use. She is so resourceful. She's another blogger I'm sure we'd be fast friends if she lived next door. We'd probably have our own painting furniture business.

She even paints pumpkins. Doesn't this look awesome? If I remember right, she had this in a birdbath first, then moved it indoors. This is giving me some ideas for my Thanksgiving centerpiece right now. Can you imagine this in the center, then a trail of the smaller ones with fall-ish garland.......a few nuts here and there........candles......Can't wait.

Speaking of table settings! She posted this below yesterday. SHE SPRAY PAINTED THAT CHARGER PLATE WITH CHALK BOARD PAINT! Sorry, I didn't mean to yell, but things like that make me a little excited. I am thinking about doing that too..........or I might go with a creamy color and distress them. But I love the idea of writing the name. Here's an example of one of her "projects"............ Even I would have passed this baby up. But wait..........

Helloooo....... cute little chair!

More more more! WOWZA! You know how I LOVE before and after shots. They make my heart skip a beat.And this brilliant idea! I have been wanting to do something like this in my laundry room. The wrapping paper rods. If I could make room in my scraproom, I would put it there. Switching gears..........

Not only can she decorate and paint furniture..........That Mrs. Jones can throw a party. Apparently it's all about the details. And I keep thinking that if I throw a cake on the table with a few candles, a few balloons, I'm doing good. :)

I love the Latrine sign. And the present area. Looks like such a fun party for a little guy. Heck, it looks like a fun party for me.
And what I love the most about this party, is that everything looks do-able.......for a fairly crafty person. It's just having the ideas is my problem. Using old pallets for a fort..........brilliant!
So when you get a chance, head over to see Mrs. Jones........Heather......and the rest of her great photos! I stopped myself with 11 photos, but there are so many more.
She also has two cute Corgi's! Have I told anyone lately that I want a corgi? I do...........but my husband doesn't. :)


cynthia said...

her blog is awesome! she actually found me from 'here'...and i added her to my favorites very quickly! she has great ideas...and i loved her use of chalkboard paint! congrats!!

diane said...

I can't wait to check this blog out, it looks like she has lots of ideas.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog so much -- I have "stretched my world" by follwing your links! And we want corgis too (Cardigans!) but we want a herd... well, at least two!


restyled home said...

Oh, she is one of my favourites!!! So many great ideas and great taste. She keeps scaring me, however, by making noises about ending her blogging days...hopefully this will keep her going and make her stop stressing me out!!!
She's also a great blogging visitor...leaves the sweetest comments...again, one of my favourites!!

Mrs. Jones said...

That furniture business sounds good. I need a partner in crime. ;-)

Sandra said...

I love everything you posted! I'm heading over there now to dive into some inspiration!

Joy said...

Ohmigosh, I am feeling rather like a terrible Mom in the birthday- party-throwing kinda way. This was awesome!!

Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

She is one of my new fave blogs!! As is this one!

Joelle said...

I LOVE that idea with the curtain rods. Like how she did it.
I can't believe I haven't done that yet : O
Thanks again!