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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Kimono Reincarnate

I love that name. Kimono Reincarnate.

Melanie Gray Augustin.........say it again..........Melanie Gray Augustin.........rolls off the tongue doesn't it.
I am fascinated with her. She's from Australia living in Japan. She writes all about her life in Japan, all her traveling..........She loves Kimono fabric.

She makes pretty things with it. She sells some of the fabric on ebay. She's a genius!

If I were a seamstress, you bet your bottom dollar I would be getting some.
If you join her mailing list, you will be entered in a drawing for one of these bags. And if you refer anyone to sign up, your name is entered again. HINT HINT! My name is Kim from TCB........sounds like a rap song doesn't it.

She has two blogs. Kimono Reincarnate and My Life as a Gaijin Her other blog is equally fascinating, just not as crafty. It's fun to read about her daily happenings.

So go and tell Melanie hello, join her mailing list for a chance to win one of those amazing bags.


just jen said...

how do you find these cute!

BellaColle said...

I just love handmade bags!!
Those you showed are soo lovely.

Shannon said...

Very adorable bags.

Everyday I look at your blog wondering...."will this be the day her new blog design is up?" I can't wait!

ELLIE said...

My son just deployed to Japan...even tho he will be busy I will have to tell him to check out some japanese fabrics to send home...thanks for sharing it all!!

Sandra said...

Beautiful bags! I love em!

Amy Turn Sharp said...

love yr blog
have you checked out - tons of good ideas there

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Kim, what a great find! I love Melanie's bags and other beautiful things! You are right, she IS a genius!
xo Lidy

NAME: CIELO said...

Very lovely bags...